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Who's SAU? Ramona Amos


March 2015 | by Jane Kettering

A juggling act
Coordinator of Intercultural Life Ramona Amos is a busy bee. "I actually hold three positions," said Amos. Besides serving as Coordinator of Intercultural Life, Amos also is Coordinator of Leadership Programs and supports Student Activities and its initiatives. And she's a member of the university's Diversity Work Group.

So what is Intercultural Life?
Intercultural Life is dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of cultural differences. According to Amos, this means enhancing cultural awareness on campus through programming, speakers, poets and the like. "We live in a diverse world and need to learn how to interact with individuals who may have different views or who may look different."

Motherhood and silliness
Although her mother always told her she had a silly and outgoing side, Amos couldn't see it herself. At least not until she became a mother. "I find myself swinging my arms and singing along to Dora the Explorer and Doc McStuffins - alone, by myself in the car, without my 2-year-old daughter, Ramya. Either my daughter has had a real effect on me by hogging the television or I am a secret fan of Dora and Doc. I am loving motherhood."

Enjoying the ‘aha' moments ...
Whether tutoring students in algebra during high school, mentoring young Ambrosians engaged in SAU Leadership Programs or the Multicultural Affairs Community Action group, or simply facilitating an individual student's self-reflection, Amos has always enjoyed watching others have their "aha" moments.

... and the ‘ha-ha' moments, too
Amos is learning from the students, too, but concedes she is not nearly as in tune with advances in app technology as the younger generation. She also confessed she is not a quick study and, though she is among the younger staffers on campus, "I may not be as ‘cool' as I'd hope." Wait a minute. "Does anyone ever say cool anymore?" Aha.

More Ramona
Amos was a Gates Millennium Scholar.
Her master's degree from Marquette University, Milwaukee, is a mouthful: Education Policy in Leadership with an Emphasis on College Student Personnel.
When not on campus, Amos can typically be found with her "high school sweetheart," husband Quentin. And, of course, Ramya, whose name is Hindu for elegance and beauty. (Bet the students didn't know that. So who is cool now?)

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