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Auditions for 'Hedda Gabler' this weekend

hedda gabler

December 2015

Everyone likes having some control in their life. One of the worst feelings in life is being bored. So what happens when you're a woman in the late 1800s, newly married, with no control, and a feeling of constant boredom? You are Hedda Gabler. And what happens when Hedda tries to add some excitement into her life? The answer is in one of the most brilliant plays ever written with the same name: Hedda Gabler.

This February, St. Ambrose University is putting on this play written by one of the most influential playwrights to ever live. Henrick Ibsen is often referred to as the father of realism and the founder of modern drama. His other popular works are A Doll's House, Ghosts, and Peer Gynt.

Hedda Gabler is the story of a newlywed couple moving into their new house after a 6-month honeymoon. Hedda is the beloved daughter of General Gabler. Mr. Tesman, her husband, is an author who was doing research for his new book during the course of this extended honeymoon. Hedda's old classmate, Thea Elvsted, comes to visit and tells her that a local "badboy," Eilert Lovborg, has come back to town. This creates the perfect opportunity for Hedda to create that excitement in her life for which she has been longing.

There are many acting opportunities in this show for the students. Of course, there's Hedda: a dream role for almost every female actress. (She's often called the female Hamlet.) Then there's Hedda's husband, Mr. Tesman, the writer that couldn't feel luckier to be married to this beautiful woman. Mr. Tesman's aunt, Aunt Julie comes to visit often and thinks of Mr. Tesman as her own son. Berta is the maid that has looked over Mr. Tesman since he was a boy and has moved with them into their new home. Thea Elvsted is Hedda's schoolmate from years ago that has come into town and left her own home because she is Eilert Lovborg's inspiration.

And then there's Eilert Lovborg: Hedda's very old friend, though no one is aware of that, and Mr. Tesman's rival writer. He made some bad decisions in the past but apparently Thea has changed him for the better. Judge Brack is another great character who probably knows a lot more than people think he knows. He's everyone's friend and knows everyone's secrets.

It's a play all about secrets, scandal and control. It's full of manipulation, backstabbing, love, suspense, and crimes of passion. St. Ambrose is doing the new adaptation by Brian Friel. It is going to be directed by Dr. Corinne Johnson, her first show of the season! We are so excited to have her back after her semester away on sabbatical and what a show with which to start off!

Auditions for this show are in Allaert auditorium on Friday, December 4 from 4-6 p.m., Saturday, December 5 from 10 a.m.-Noon, and December 6, 4-6 p.m. Theatre majors and minors are required to perform a one-minute monologue. Others are encouraged to do the same! If you have any questions, Allie Stecklein is the wonderful stage manager and you can contact her at

If you would like to get a jump start on tickets you can call the Galvin box office at 563-333-6251. The show will be performed in Allaert on February 19 and 20 at 7:30 p.m. and February 21 at 3 p.m. Tickets are $13 adults, $11 faculty/staff/alumni/senior citizens, $9 non-SAU students, $8 groups, and SAU students with current valid student ID are Free.

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