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Mark Brauweiler

Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Performance and Fitness '13

Doctor of Physical Therapy '15

'That drive to help others was instilled in me at SAU, and I'm more than happy to continue to pay it forward now.' 

In his own words:

"Service leadership is something that gets pushed the very first day you start at SAU; from the Urban Plunge, to New Student Seminar classes going out into the community, to Bee The Difference Day. That precedent was set very early on.  For me, I always enjoyed doing that: going out into the community and sharing or helping others.  That became an even bigger deal for me when I got to PT school.  

"When I got to PT school, I was able to take something I love (physical therapy) and combine that with something uniquely Ambrosian (service leadership).  I had the opportunity to go into the community and help provide blood pressure screens for residents who otherwise might not have that chance.  I was able to provide fall prevention screening for elderly patients who are at higher risk of falls, then help them learn ways to manage that so they can reduce their risk.  I went into an 8th grade classroom and helped share my passions with students, getting them excited about not only medicine and PT, but college and furthering their education.

"Since that precedent was set so early on at SAU, I think I've continued that early in my career.  I volunteer in the community in Tipton, Iowa, at the local Head Start Daycare.  I serve as a rehabilitation adviser for a committee for Cedar County Public Health.  That drive to help others was instilled in me at SAU, and I'm more than happy to continue to look for ways to pay it forward now that I'm no longer at SAU as a student."