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SAU Sales students attend international collegiate sales competition

November 2016

Students from the College of Business Sales program competed at the International Collegiate Sales Competition in Orlando, Florida from November 2-5, 2016.

Daniel Ferlmann and Max Kerfin competed, and student Tom Kelly and coach Joseph Kehoe also attended.

The team participated in role-play situations, challenged to sell a customer relationship management system to a company. Max Kerfin said he learned more than he could ever imagine by competing.

"I will definitely be a different salesperson after this experience," Kerfin said. "This was like going through a big-time sale, and for me to do that now, as opposed to learning on the job, it's great."

Kerfin and Ferlmann prepared for the competiton with Coach Kehoe, as well as assistant coaches John Byrne, SAU marketing professor, and Tony Morales. Employees from Allsteel also helped with roleplay practice.

"Having everyone help us practice was important," Kerfin said. "I pulled advice from all of them to prepare for the competition."

"Relationships are important with sales, so building a rapport with your judges was a vital factor" Kerfin said.

The SAU team did well for their first competition. "We were not first, but we were not last," Kehoe said.

Next up is the National Collegiate Sales competition in Kennesaw, Ga. at the end of March. Students from SAU plan to attend.

"I definitely want to continue competing and get SAU on the map for sales," Kerfin said.

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