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Alyssa Finishes What She Started

Alyssa Curtis at her 2013 graduation and hugging DPT chair Michael Puthoff in November 2016

Alyssa Curtis, above left at Winter Commencement 2013, hugs DPT chair Michael Puthoff after completing her clinical internship this fall.

November 2016

Alyssia Curtis' plan to graduate in 2013 with a Doctor in Physical Therapy degree was sidetracked, but only for a bit.

Curtis was diagnosed with a Stage III malignant brain tumor after suffering seizures in the midst of her clinical assignment in August 2013. The complicated surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., caused minor paralysis on her left side. Two months after the surgery, she participated in the winter commencement ceremony with her DPT cohort, but needed to complete her clinical assignment before receiving her degree.

After more than a year of rehabilitation and a period of doubt about her future, Curtis completed her clinical assignment this year and will soon begin working as a physical therapist. 

To learn more about Curtis, her success and her support, read this feature story from the Bettendorf News

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