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Manual Therapy Certificate now offered

December 2016

The SAU Physical Therapy Department now offers a Certificate in Manual Therapy (CMT), which demonstrates that the practitioner has completed all requirements related to a series of weekend courses in manual therapy.

The courses run in conjunction with the Residency Program in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, but are open to anyone who would like to take the course sequence. The primary purpose of the courses is to enhance therapist's knowledge and skills in management of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. The emphasis is on the clinical decision making and reasoning related to patient care, with emphasis on current evidence.

When the residency program began with its first cohort in 2006, residents worked four days a week in the clinic and were on campus one day a week for class and to assist with DPT Musculoskeletal Therapeutics labs. In 2013, the cohort began a different format which included the residents being in the clinic full-time (see article on the residency's history). To gain necessary didactic information, the department developed for residents a series of required courses, which included four courses in Manual Therapy as well as a course in Radiology for the Physical Therapist. These five courses are held on five weekends throughout the year. The department also has made these available to anyone who would like to take the series. For those who complete the course series and all assignments, they are awarded a Certificate in Manual Therapy.

Anyone may take the courses in a time frame that is convenient for them. Each course in the series is offered once a year and are primarily laboratory based. Everyone must first take Manual Therapy I which is a 12-hour course that lays the foundation for the rest of the series.

The second course, Manual Therapy II, (20 hours) covers the upper quadrant, and Manual Therapy III (20 hours) covers the lower quadrant. The radiology course (18 hours) covers relevant imaging techniques and application to musculoskeletal practice. These three courses may be taken in any order across any time frame that works for attendees.

All courses have readings and patient cases that must be completed prior to the beginning of class. Several short assignments/patient write-ups are completed at the end of each course.

The final course in the sequence is Manual Therapy IV which is a one-day testing course (8 hours). As noted, upon completion, the individual has earned their CMT. The primary course instructors are: Kevin Farrell, Candi Gardner, and Jill Hispkind.

More information about the courses and CMT is available on our Orthopaedic Course Series website.

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