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Residency grows so much more than practitioners

December 2016

The residency program not only helps develop the residents' clinical knowledge, skills, and reasoning, but it also targets professional growth and development. Many others have continued to other professional development endeavors. Most complete the program and begin employment at an advanced level. They typically have been able to use their experience to promote themselves and their clinics as advanced practitioners. While many have become clinical managers, supervisors, and even clinic owners, others have used the residency to springboard into further educational opportunities.

Through 2016, 11 graduates have served or are mentors in our residency program (indicated with an asterisk below). Others have moved into other educational opportunities upon completion of the residency. Two have returned to assist with teaching the weekend course series in the residency program as well as serving as lab assistants for DPT musculoskeletal laboratory courses. Jill Hipskind and Candi Gardner both assist with these courses. Jill also currently teaches as an adjunct instructor in the entry-level DPT program, and Candi serves as an assistant coordinator of the residency program to reduce the administrative load of the program.

Two others have gone on to further post-professional development opportunities. Kyle Cottone was one of the first residents of the program and recently acknowledged at the 2016 AAOMPT annual conference for completing his Fellowship training. He had also previously served as a mentor for other SAU residents when he was working locally.

Becky Lawrence is currently completing her PhD at the University of Minnesota. She is collecting data to complete her dissertation project, but took time to return and help present a continuing education course on shoulder mechanics to SAU residents and area clinicians. She spent part of the summer presenting research with her PhD advisor at a biomechanics conference in Switzerland. Prior to beginning her PhD work, Becky had served as a mentor for residents and spent two semesters assisting with entry-level DPT courses at SAU. These are just a few examples of how residency training has supported the SAU mission to instill the desire for life-long learning and professional development.

Graduates and Incoming Residents
2006 - 2007 Kyle Cottone*; Ashley (Henning) Steffens
2007 - 2008 Janelle (Miglio) Smith*; Emily (Glynn) Pierson*
2008 - 2009 Candi (Jones) Gardner*; Josh Feeney; Melissa (Mack) Moyer
2009 - 2010 Becky Lawrence*, Karen (Kelly) Elbert, Amy Moeller, Jill (Badrick) Hipskind*
2010 - 2011 Joe Haverkamp, Kristen Haverkamp, Laura (Wiggers) Shimkus, Emily (Miller) Pospischil*
2011 - 2012 Mitch Nesvik; Rachael (Harmon) Gumm; Kyle Pospischil*
2012 - 2013 Katie Scheckel, Brianna Schlichte, Zac Cupples, Joe Schenk
2013 - 2014 Jessica (Murphy) Cartee*
2014 - 2015 Marcus Welding, Lauren Wettach, Justin Uhl*, Katie Majkowski
2015 - 2016
RVPT - Laura (Davis) Timmerman, Jordan Gillund, Elise (Beck) Goodman
Edward - Sara (Oberhoffer) McCaffery*
Genesis - Marty Barclay
2016 - 2017
RVPT - Kyle Feller; Meghan Rettenmeier; Megan Theisen
Edward - Carly Jones
Genesis - Bailey Martin; David Wedeking
2017 - 2018
RVPT - Matt Weitzel; Michelle McConnell
Edward - Bri Choffin
Genesis - Grace Rehnstrom; Becca Wilder
Facility residents (to be announced)

*Served as mentors

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