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KCACTF 2017: Back for More

Golden Wremch winners

Hannah Donovan, Kristofer Eitrheim, Amanda Zweibohmer, Allie Stecklein and Jackson Green won the 2016 Golden Wrench.

December 2016

It's that time of year again! The SAU Theatre department is packing up and traveling to the regional theatre festival. The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) for the Central Midwest Region (one of eight) is in Des Moines from Jan. 22-28. Ambrose students from around the department will come to test their mettle in a variety of theatrical events.

The Tech Team showdown is the event styled around technical skills. Technicians from various schools will compete in everything from knot-tying to costume quick changes. This year, Ambrose's Tech Team (comprised of seniors Jackson Green and Jordan Webster-Moore, sophomore Hannah Donovan, and freshman Kiara Thomas) is returning to defend their first place prize from last year: The Golden Wrench.

Another event students compete in is a workshop for theatre writing, the Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy. A selection of top theatre content creators will view, review, and compile notes on each production, with one being sent on to the Kennedy Center for another weeklong session. Last year's runner-up, senior Nick Pearce, has already applied and is hoping to take back the gold.

Another vaunted event will be the Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions. This year, Ambrose is sending seven students and their partners to a three-round event of auditions for every nominated actor, with hundreds of the best theatrical talents in attendance.

The Ambrose students competing are:

  • Becca Brazel '16 with her partner Jonathan Johnson '16;
  • senior Jordan Webster-Moore with his partner junior Megan Clark;
  • senior Jackson Green with his partner junior Megan Clark;
  • Jordan McGinnis '16 with his partner First Year Jessica Karolczak;
  • junior Kayla Lansing with her partner Jonathan Johnson '16;
  • and the two newest additions, senior Max Moline and First Year T.J. Green.

We're eagerly looking forward to watching them strut their stuff on stage!

Other students exploring the KCACTF experience will be those auditioning for the Music Theatre Intensive experience. Sophomore Rebecca Moews will be auditioning with her dance skills, while juniors Kelci Eaton, Kayla Lansing, Christian Colmenares, Jordan McGinnis '16, sophomore Sarah Goodall, and senior Jordan Webster-Moore will be singing. Students are hoping to make it to the final cabaret performance, which is an event all participants at the festival can come and enjoy.

Directors Rachael Pribulsky and Max Moline (both seniors) will compete for the Society of Directors and Choreographers week-long course in Washington, D.C. Pribulsky will be directing a scene from Stonewater Rapture, and Moline will be directing a scene from Rag & Bone. Senior Sam Jones will direct a concert reading of a newly-written, 10-minute scene.

SAU faculty and staff members Dr. Corinne Johnson, Kris Eitrheim, Thea Engleson, and Aaron Hook will accompany this group as they delve deep into their theatrical passions. KCACTF is a wonderful and very beneficial experience for all those involved, and it looks like this year is shaping up to be as good - if not better - than past years. Here's to a fantastic educational and professional experience, and of course, having fun doing what we love!

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