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Meet Murphy Garcia

Murphy Garcia

Murphy Garcia

February 2017

Murphy is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Art. After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school and master in biomedical engineering so she can work with prosthetics. Murphy also wants to incorporate art into her engineering, two things that she believes, "Go hand-in-hand, because they both involve creativity and problem solving.

Why Murphy Seeks Tutoring:
Last semester I was in Calculus 2. I'd taken Calculus 1 over the summer, but that was my first time taking calculus, so I wasn't sure how Calculus 2 was going to go. I wanted to make sure I was staying on the right track and understanding everything. I was having a hard time keeping up at the end, and David really helped me. It was nice because my professor had different office hours than my tutoring hours, so I could ask David questions I couldn't ask my professor and vice versa.

How Tutoring Helps Her Succeed in the Classroom:
Any unanswered questions that I had answered through tutoring made me feel more secure, and it actually helped me ask more questions in class. It also helped me keep up with the class, because Calculus 2 is pretty fast-paced.


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