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'Complete Works' was complete success


(L-R) Director Brent Tubbs, Max Moline, Jordan Webster-Moore, and Jackson Green

March 2017

Senior Max Moline walks calmly downstage of the façade on the Galvin stage, and looks over the crowd. He gives a grandstanding speech, and calls the others of the cast onstage. Finally, the stage lights go to full as the audience applauds. St. Ambrose's production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) had begun.

The winter show for the St. Ambrose Theatre Department was performed Feb. 17-19. The cast, made up of just three theatre majors from St. Ambrose, was accompanied by a four-person backstage crew and many more helping to call the show and run lights. Along with Moline, the cast was rounded out by SAU seniors Jackson Green and Jordan Webster-Moore.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, is a work written by members of the Reduced Shakespeare Company in 1987. Directing the performance was Brent Tubbs, a well-known local improvisational artist and former member of the professional touring company.

"What's truly interesting is the way that the show covers all 37 plays in 90 minutes!" said Webster-Moore. "This show is about making Shakespeare understandable and highly enjoyable for anyone."

One of the standard trademarks of the show is the attention it brings to the plays like Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Narrated in a comedic style that even the most devoted hater of Shakespeare couldn't find boring, the audience heard the truth behind some of Shakespeare's most famous scenes. For example, "and in a tale of timeless romance, he (Romeo) will attempt to get into Juliet's pants."

Hamlet, himself the embodiment of teen angst, made a significant appearance as the plot of the entire second act of the show. Hamlet was not only performed normally, but faster and faster, until the cast finally performed it backwards. Audience members left the show with side stitches and had a ball viewing this energetic, silly romp through all of Shakespeare's words.

The cast would like to say "Oh, you thank!" to everyone who attended and spent a whimsical evening in the theatre with them. May the Bard be with you!

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