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Freshman Focus: Mya Chan

March 2017

mya chanIt's time to recognize our newest first year, Mya Chan!

Mya has been very active in the theatre department here at St. Ambrose this year, and we hope she keeps it up in the future! You may have seen her on stage in The Tempest or working behind the scenes for The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley. Let's dive in to see what makes theatre at St. Ambrose so special to Mya!

What age did you start doing theatre and why?
I was a freshman in high school, around 14 years old, when I started getting involved with theatre. I was encouraged by my classmates to try out for school productions. I was looking to get involved in new things, too. I had always enjoyed singing, and because the show was a musical it sounded like it would be a good experience which it was.

What would be your dream role to play and why?
I'm always learning about new shows and all the roles that are out there so I can't say I have a dream role. There are so many that I'd love to get to know and develop for myself.

What different productions have you been involved with here at SAU and what did you think about them?
I was involved with Agnes of God, The Tempest, and The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley this past fall and currently am involved with Richard III. I really liked having different roles I had never thought I could or would do, such as being an assistant stage manager or doing sound with microphones. It was an enjoyable experience with each show and helped me get to know the theatre department and the awesome people in it.

What's your latest theatre project?
My latest theatre project would be Richard III. I'm really excited for it because it will be my first Shakespeare show I'll have be acting in. Everyone involved is great and I look forward to a good show.

Why did you choose to come to St. Ambrose?
St. Ambrose is a small school that isn't too far away from home, but still provides a new area for me to live in so I really liked that aspect when I was looking at different schools. St. Ambrose felt like a good fit for me when I visited for the first time and I liked the academic reputation it had.

What would be your future dream job?
My future dream job would have to be incorporating my love of theatre, criminal justice, and traveling. I want to be able to help people and get to do different things every day.

We are so excited to have Mya as a part of our team! We are thrilled to see her learn and grow through her experiences here at St. Ambrose. Break a leg in Richard III and know that St. Ambrose Theatre will always be your home. Next season will be filled with many new and exhilarating possibilities!

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