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Report from the Field: Women's March on Washington

March 2017 | by Breann Hirst, Junior

women holding two signsI, and many others from the Quad Cities, took a bus to attend the Women's March on January 21. As I prepared for my first time attending a demonstration, I couldn't help but think: Was this really going to solve any problems? I felt anger for the march, thinking to myself where have all these women (and some men) been? As someone who has studied, observed, and volunteered for causes to combat social injustice for the last four years, I was frustrated that suddenly people cared about the injustices in our society!

However, I quickly realized my anger and frustration were misplaced, and these people have felt empowered to get out and do something. They may not have realized the extent of our unjust society until recently, but I must remain thankful for this massively new support system our profession has gained. The speakers at the Women's March on Washington could not stress enough that this demonstration needs to be the beginning and not the end of our fight. We must continue to call our elected officials and make our voices heard. So, to answer my own question, ‘Yes, this Women's March on Washington was going to solve problems!' I realized this was the platform needed to help those of us who live and breathe social justice through our profession, but also those who have never had to think about it get politically active.

washington monumentWomen and men from all walks of life attended the Women's March on Washington as well as sister marches around the world. We can all support each other and make our voices heard if we all - not just social workers - fight for social justice. I challenge you to get involved and spend 15 minutes a day calling your elected officials at all levels or attend local organizational meetings. After you do that, encourage someone else outside of the social work profession to do the same!

Not sure how to get started?
1. Call your two US SENATORS (202)-225-3121
2. Contact your House of Representative-
3. Sign up to get mobile alerts at -
4. Attend City Council Meetings and School Board Meetings.

They cannot ignore us all. Together we will rise.

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