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Who is SAU? Taylor Kent

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March 2017

Every member of the St. Ambrose community seems to want to know how construction of the new Wellness and Recreation Center is progressing.

As the wellness coordinator in the Campus Recreation department, Taylor Kent '14 is happy to provide updates on the center slated to open this fall. "Students are getting very excited, especially now that the walls are up, the roof is on, and you can see how big it is going to be. It is such a prominent feature on campus," she said.

Kent said the center is needed, and she should know. Her job duties include overseeing the weight room and its supervisors, group fitness classes and the student instructors, and the personal training program. Kent also coordinates, creates, schedules and promotes campus events that help students remain happy and healthy.

Kent returned to St. Ambrose a year and a half ago, but didn't know until after she was offered the job that a new Wellness and Recreation Center was in the works. "I am so happy I get to be a part of this, especially since I am an alumna. I feel such a sense of pride that I got to come back and help."

Best part of her job?
"I get to have fun. I love working with students and my student workers. I get to try and figure out what the campus needs as far as programming and put on events that can really help students."

Such as...?
"Usually when students are stressed we try to have events that are de-stressing, which makes our lives stressful," she said with a laugh. "But it is not too bad. It is fun to do the events," she said, adding she takes part sometimes, too.

Construction experience?
"I know more about electrical outlets than I ever imagined possible," she said, adding she has been helping decide placement of outlets in the new facility. "I spend time each day looking at layouts for the weight room, or making little tweaks to the building."

Mantra? Motto? Slogan?
"I often tell students to just ‘keep swimming'," she said, adding the words are borrowed from Finding Nemo. "It is a way to encourage students to keep going, especially during those stressful times. Just keep swimming. You will get through it."

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