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A look back on 'The Realistic Joneses'

cast of four

The cast of The Realistic Joneses: (L-R) JJ Johnson, Megan Clarke, Brian Liebforth, and Helene Devine

April 2017

Play by Will Eno
Directed by Rachel Pribulsky

This past week, The Galvin Studio Theatre presented The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno, a funny, yet heartbreaking play about two couples, both with the surname Jones. The first couple, Jennifer and Bob, is dealing with Bob's rare disease that affects not only his memory and nervous system, but also his marriage. Jennifer, played by the always-astounding junior Megan Clarke, is struggling to keep their marriage from falling apart, with very little help from Bob. Their new neighbors, John and Pony Jones, are quirky and at times intruding to Jennifer and Bob.

However, things are not great for John and Pony either. The couples form an odd, and sometimes hostile friendship. More interestingly, Jennifer and John become close, as do their spouses Bob and Pony. John confides in Jennifer that he is suffering from the same disease as Bob, which his wife does not know. Both couples experience ups and downs but ultimately, their love and realistic relationships keep them together.

Senior Rachel Pribulsky directed The Realistic Joneses. She also directed Orphans last year in the Studio Theatre, which, if you saw Orphans, you know is a hard act to follow. Pribulsky proved once again she is a force to be reckoned with once again. The play had heart and soul: One minute the audience was in tears from laughing, the next they were crying out of sympathy for the characters. Junior Brian Liebforth, who played John, brings a very funny and human approach to his acting. He brought his character to life with ease. Clarke amazed the audience with her deep understanding of Jennifer through her incredibly vulnerable and heartbreaking portrayal. Senior Jonathan (JJ) Johnson, who played Bob, never disappoints. Helene Devine, also a senior, was hilarious as Pony, while still managing to keep the character real.

Overall, the Realistic Joneses was a fantastic look at illness, marriage, and what it truly means to love someone for better or for worse.

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