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April 2017

Innovation is at the heart of every firm's strategies for growth! 

Here are a series of thoughtful reports and articles that may prompt you to reflect and challenge your organization's posture toward it.

  • Microsoft Starts Up: Maybe you've always thought of Microsoft as a software supplier. That's not always the case today as the behemoth has become even more focused on the success of start-ups throughout the world. 
  • The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies 2017: Fast Company's special issue devoted to their picks for most innovative firms of 2017! An annual staple since 2008, the widely-read magazine of entrepreneurs and those who "think otherwise" provides good insights, by category, into how today's brands innovate.
  • The Biases That Keep Good R&D Projects from Getting Funded: This recent Harvard Business Review article challenges you to identify and check your biases about funding risky concepts–at the door. Using insights from projects that originated in 37 countries, the authors reveal the hidden biases that many of us impose on the decision to go, or not to go, on a new concept.
  • Successful Product Development: Unique, Coherent...And Rare: A provocative 'read' on what qualities are important to new product success built around a short case review of the well-known SodaStream brand.

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