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Senior Spotlight: Catherine Bettag

catherine with barney

May 2017

Catherine Bettag will be graduating from St. Ambrose this spring! Although not often a mainstage performer, Catherine is an avid lover of theatre, especially focusing on theatre literature. She loves traveling and has accompanied the St. Ambrose Theatre Department to London and to Ireland. Recently she participated in the Musical Theatre Class and Cabaret! We are so sad to see her graduate, but know she has quite a bright future ahead of her. Let's learn more about one of St. Ambrose's behind the scenes ladies.

What is your major?
Secondary English Education with an interdisciplinary minor in Theatre Literature

In what ways have you been involved in theatre?
In college I had the joy of being cast in a one-act and I participated in the Cabaret in November. I have also taken a handful of theatre classes and traveled with the department abroad.

Do you plan on doing more theatre (acting, directing, costumes, etc.) after you graduate?
Next year I will be the Assistant Speech and Drama Coach at Shenandoah High School, Shenandoah, Iowa! I am very excited to get back into the theatre world and work with my students.

What draws you to theatre?
I have always loved theatre. I love the way theatre can bring a story to life and create such a lasting impact on a person.

Who in your life inspires you most?
I am greatly inspired by my mom. No matter what happens she keeps going and working towards her dreams.

Have you been involved in any productions? If so what is your favorite and why?
At St. Ambrose I had the pleasure of being a part of Lockdown and the Cabaret. In high school I was in eight productions including How to Succeed..., Off the Tracks, and Seussical the Musical. My favorite was Seussical the Musical. I played Mrs. Mayor, which was the largest role I had; the cast was amazing, and I genuinely loved the show!

What are your plans after you graduate?
After graduation I will be teaching sophomore English and working as the Assistant Speech and Drama Coach at Shenandoah High School in Shenandoah, Iowa.

How would you describe your theatre experience here at St. Ambrose?
Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow for much activity with the St. Ambrose Theatre Department. I truly wish I would have had more time to spend with productions in some form. However, I was a strong supporter at the very least and have participated in many classes and traveling opportunities.

Thank you Catherine for all you do for our department, and we look forward to seeing you inspire your students! Best of luck at your new job in a brand new town, and don't forget that you are always welcome back at St. Ambrose.

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