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Farewell to the Year of Shakespeare

cast of richard III

The cast of Richard III

May 2017

The fair sun finally shines out as St. Ambrose's year of Shakespeare draws to a close. The Theatre Department ended its season with a bang, with Will's classic tale of betrayal, Richard III. Led by guest director, Ron Clark, the play focused on the notorious Richard III's rise to the throne. The power hungry Richard uses his intelligence, wit, and political manipulation to ascend as the King of England. Nothing can stand in his way as there is no one Richard loves more than himself.

The cast consisted of students, alumni, and faculty.

"It was really awesome that I was able to perform on the Allaert stage one last time," said alum Jordan McGinnis, who graduated in December 2016. McGinnis joined the cast after another actor had to drop out. "Even though I just graduated, I already missed working with everyone!" McGinnis stated.

The Theatre Department's very own Dr. Cory Johnson was also included in the cast.

"Working with Cory was interesting," said senior Max Moline. "It was cool to finally perform with her after being her student for four years."

Sam Jones took on the role of Richard, describing it as one of the most challenging characters he has ever played.

"It was difficult trying to get in the mind of such a villain," Jones concluded. "The role has such a stigma to it. The character of Richard is so morally corrupt; it was challenging to even adapt that mindset. Like Richard says: ‘I seem a saint when most I play the devil.'"

When asked what he enjoyed most about playing Richard, Sam remarked it was the opportunity to portray such a famous icon from history. Jones certainly did not disappoint, as he brought his own style and take on the classic character.

The winter of our discontent is again upon us as we say goodbye to our year of Shakespeare. "Bloody thou art and bloody thy end" most certainly encompasses the classic tragedy produced on St. Ambrose's mainstage. Richard III was, without a doubt, a wicked ending to a magical year.

Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nominees for Richard III included Sam Jones in the title role and sophomore Sarah Goodall as Queen Elizabeth. Congratulations to them both!

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