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An Opportunity He Didn't Want To Miss

damon with football

June 2017

Damon Wolter already feels embraced by the St. Ambrose community.

Damon will attend the University this fall as an Ambrose Scholar, a recognition that includes a full tuition scholarship. He was awarded the scholarship based on an essay he wrote about his involvement, leadership, and desire to impact SAU.

Damon graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and ranked No. 1 in his class of 150 at Keokuk (Iowa) High School. He also excelled in school activities, sports and at his church, All Saints Catholic, where he serves as a Lector.

Damon was student government president for his class each year of high school and participated in three sports: football, basketball and golf. His senior year, he was quarterback and captain of the football team, captain of the basketball team, an All-Conference golfer, and National Honor Society president.

He tutored at-risk students, was a coach and referee for the YMCA youth basketball and soccer leagues, and a member of his school's Youth Leadership Team. Wolter participated in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, World Food Prize, American Legion Boys State, and was a state qualifier for National History Day.

During high school, he gave 475 hours of service to his school, peers and community. He wants to continue to help others while he attends SAU, and after, too. Wolter is considering majoring in business finance or business economics, then attending law school.

"As an attorney, I can defend and protect people from injustices and make sure they are represented fairly and justly," he said, adding such a career will also give him the financial stability to do the things he wants in life, such as travel.

Wolter said there are many reasons he chose to attend St. Ambrose.

"I have always been a devout Catholic. I never made a firm decision that I had to attend a Catholic university, but having that church on campus is a great resource. I can walk out of my dorm and go to Mass," he said.

"Also, I visited the campus several times, and whenever I walked on campus I could feel the gentle sweetness of the people who go there. People would come up to me and say ‘Hi' and that made me feel more comfortable," Wolter said. "I felt like I was a part of the community already."

He looks forward to one-on-one time with SAU professors. During a campus visit, a business professor wrote down his personal cell phone number and handed it to Wolter, inviting the then-prospective student to call anytime he needed anything.

Wolter said that is not something that would happen at a larger university and was an opportunity he didn't want to miss. "When you are able to develop relationships with the people who are teaching you, they are more likely to help you," he said.

He hasn't decided if he will be involved in intercollegiate sports, but if not, Wolter said he will remain active and participate in intramural programs. He said his plan to study business finance or business economics will take him deeper into the subjects than ever before. "It would be a big change for me but also a lot of fun," he said, adding academics will remain a top priority.

"I am looking forward to trying new things and branching out," Wolter added.

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