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Graduation Spring 2017

Graduate program alumni

Clockwise from top left: Beth Williams, MBA '17, Joe Garrity, MOL '17, Reina Reyes, MBA '17, Rev. Francis Odoom, MOL '17

July 2017

Congratulations to all our Spring 2017 graduates! We talked to four recent MBA and MOL graduates about their experience at St. Ambrose. Read their stories below!

"I have enjoyed the MBA program and highly recommend it. It has allowed me the flexibility to take the classes that I needed to accomplish my goals. I enjoyed all of my professors; I found them very easy to work with and very accommodating. I am actually looking into a second Masters program, possibly the MOL! I have my Bachelors from St. Ambrose as well, so I would like to continue my education here."
- Beth Williams, MBA '17
"The MOL program was one of the most exceptional programs I have ever been through. All of the professors were top notch, and gave you a wonderful experience where you wanted to learn. I appreciated that from all my professors. The knowledge and tools that I have now will help me tremendously in the future, whether it's a work environment, church or community organization."
 - Joe Garrity, MOL '17

I entered the program as part of the dual MBA/MSW. I received my MSW about 12 years ago, and now I came back to earn my MBA. Last year I was promoted in my organization, Arrowhead Youth and Family Services, and with my new position I needed a lot of business knowledge. Everything I learned in this program will support me in my new role in upper management. As a manager I needed the business background, and this program is fantastic. The courses were challenging, but they taught me everything I need to know to support my career."
- Reina Reyes, MBA '17
I am a Catholic Priest, and I have been ordained for 12 years. I came to St. Ambrose three years ago to pursue the MOL program. My experience has been awesome! I have been particularly touched by the way and manner the professors teach, and how the courses are organized. I have had conversations with people and other priests, and I tell them how awesome the courses are for my ministry. Decision making, strategic planning, conflict management, all of these programs are so necessary for what I do. I have loved it, and I would recommend it to everybody who is thinking about which direction to go, or who may want to pursue higher education. I have now registered for the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) program, so I am going to begin the final stage of whatever adventure I am pursuing."
- Rev. Francis Odoom, MOL '17

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