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Two faculty retire in 2017

September 2017

Dr. Hill and Dr. Yang retired in May 2017! They have both been an amazing part of our programs for many years, and their wisdom and kindness will truly be missed. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us in May.

Dr. Tom Yang

Dr. Yang taught Physics and Engineering courses at St. Ambrose for 35 years. He has taught all levels of physics courses as well as many engineering courses. He will be remembered for enthusiastically spreading his love for physics and always being willing to help everyone.   

What do you remember best about Dr. Yang?  

"His famous saying  - 'Physics is easy, it's only 3 equations.'"  

"Dr. Yang was so passionate about the subjects he taught, and this was contagious in the classroom."  

"His constant smile, eagerness to help, concern for present and past students."  

What would you like to say to Dr. Yang?  

"Thanks for sharing your passion for math, physics, and life."  

"You are a great inspiration for continued learning and how to treat people around you.  You make the world a better place."  

"Thank you for being my teacher, mentor, and most of all my friend."

Dr. Tom Hill

Dr. Hill has been an Industrial Engineering professor at SAU for 22 years.  He has taught many of our upper level IE courses and served the university on numerous committees. He will be remembered for patiently helping students deepen their understanding of engineering concepts.    

What do you remember best about Dr. Hill?  

"The salt problem from Systems class."  

"Dr. Hill was so kind and always made time for students.  He has a practical knowledge of the materials he taught, which made learning interesting and even fun."  

"His kindness and the way he made a positive difference in the student's life by his words, his actions, and his inspiration to student to never quit on their aim."  

What would you like to say to Dr. Hill?  

"Your bright mind and great personality will be missed for sure."  

"Thank you so much for challenging me and making me think like an engineer! You will be missed, and all the future students at Ambrose will be missing out on having such a great professor."  

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