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December 2014

12/17/14Holiday Hours

12/16/14SAU Students Work to End Destructive Decision-Making

12/12/14Persevering Despite Cancer

12/8/14Medaling Ceremony

12/5/14'Be mindful of Christ’s presence now'

12/1/14Video: A Year That Will Last a Lifetime


November 2014

11/30/14Winter 2014 Online Bonus Content

11/29/14Catholicity: It Is Who We Strive to Be

11/28/14Campus Ministry: Building a Community of Faith

11/27/14All in God’s Time: Former Seminarians Find Ways to Serve

11/27/14Campus Ministry: Activities, Testimonials, Impact

11/26/14A Heaven-sent Marriage, Made at St. Ambrose

11/25/14Photos From Home

11/25/14Faculty Profile: Walking the Spiritual Walk

11/24/14Alumni Profile: Finding Faith Along the Way

11/23/14Changing the Face of Men’s Volleyball

11/22/14Grotto Has a Heisman Connection

11/21/14Iranian Author is First Middle East Institute Visiting Scholar

11/20/14Conference Call: Bees Join Chicagoland League

11/19/14Basketball Court Named in Honor of Coach Kilfoy

11/18/14Residence Hall Community Builds Friendships in Faith

11/17/14Students Win Midwest American College of Sports Medicine Quiz Bowl

11/17/14International Education Week

11/17/14Back to Africa With MOT Skills to Help Homeland

11/16/14Who is SAU? Elizabeth Foley Swanson

11/15/14Successful Alums Share Business Knowledge

11/14/14Eastern Iowa / Western Illinois Veterans Conference

11/14/14The Gift of Giving: Race, Golf Event Fund Scholarship, Honor ‘Drex’

11/14/14Winter Commencement List

11/13/14One Step at a time – Walking the El Camino Primitivo

11/13/14Join Fr. Bud on an Italian Adventure

11/12/14An Honor Steeped in Faith Traditions

11/10/14St. Ambrose Professor as Guest Speaker

11/3/14St. Ambrose Joins Generation Study Abroad


October 2014

10/27/14Ambrose Hall, Quad Cities Treasure

10/20/14Alum Helps High School Engineering Team Win $10,000 MIT Grant

10/20/14Family Weekend

10/14/14The 'Reader' Interviews Sheryl WuDunn

10/10/14Day Five - It's Physician Assistant Week!

10/10/14St. Ambrose Joins Chicagoland Conference

10/9/14Day Four - It's Physician Assistant Week!

10/8/14Day Three - It's Physician Assistant Week!

10/7/14Day Two - It's Physician Assistant Week!

10/6/14Day One - It's Physician Assistant Week!

10/2/14'Working' Hard

10/2/14Alum Kicks off Tour at SAU


September 2014

9/29/14Principal Leads School to Higher Graduation Rates

9/22/14Homecoming Recap

9/12/14Video Performance: Happy 200th to our National Anthem!

9/12/14News from the DBA Program


9/12/14From the Director's Desk

9/12/14Reasons to Celebrate

9/12/14Our newest graduates

9/10/14Vet-Friendly Accolades for SAU

9/9/14Learning Community Takes on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

9/9/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Claire Opar!

9/9/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Amy Marszalek!

9/9/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Amber Trick!

9/9/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Erika Burke!

9/8/14Ms. B's Boutique

9/8/14First traveling trophy awarded

9/8/14Art and Butterflies

9/5/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Sarah Chaney!

9/5/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Robyn Kincaide!

9/5/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Mary Spiess!

9/5/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Lindsey Simon!

9/5/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Laura Moorman!

9/5/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Jacqueline Nowosielski!

9/5/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Catherine Bettag!


August 2014

8/22/14Expanding Health Sciences Education

8/20/14Football Team Ready for Action

8/18/14BEEs Swarm Onto Campus

8/11/14City Council Override Vote

8/8/14Nearly 80,000 Hours of Service

8/4/14Alum Led Non-Profit for 44 Years

8/1/14Work For Equality on Bench Honored


July 2014

7/25/14Visiting an Aircraft Carrier

7/25/14Summer 2014 Online Bonus Content

7/24/14Learning for a Lifetime

7/23/14A Healthy Interest in Learning

7/22/14Armed With Perspective, Veterans Come to Learn

7/21/14A Different Path to the Classroom

7/19/14New Dean Excited About College of Business Future

7/18/14Photos: School of Education Reading Clinic

7/18/14Who's SAU: Michelle Kronfeld

7/16/14Pulitzer Winning Author To Discuss Empowering Women

7/14/14SAU Women to Play Bluder’s Hawkeyes

7/13/14Single Moms Gain Engineering Degrees

7/11/14Alum Stays in the ‘NOW’ to Help Students in the Middle

7/10/14Gardening at the Children's Campus

7/10/14Staying on Top of Technology

7/10/14SVC Moves Forward

7/9/14Father of 10 Named Honorary Alumnus

7/8/14Gift of Giving: Daughter Inspires Single-Parent Scholarship

7/8/14Mediacom Newsleaders

7/7/14American Business Experience

7/7/14Homecoming 2014: Classes From Past Decade Invited to Join Reunion Party


7/4/14Providing a Foundation for Others

7/3/14Hey Chicago! We’re Bringing SAU to You!


June 2014

6/25/14Queen Bees to Visit Bluder's Hawkeyes

6/18/14SAU Study Shows Reduction in Racial Profiling in Davenport

6/16/14SAU Wins MCC Honor

6/13/14Spring 2014 Dean's List

6/11/14Grad Chosen as Clinton High School Principal

6/6/14Sister Joan Wields a Hammer to Help Others


May 2014

5/30/14Job Outlook for 2014

5/29/14Promoting the Health Careers Adventure Camp

5/29/14Faculty and Staff Honored

5/27/14Metamorphosis: From a 'Bee' to a 'Deere'

5/22/14DBA alum named Outstanding Educator Award

5/15/14MOL Grad Celebrates New Job

5/14/14Social Worker Celebrates Life

5/12/14Commencement Media Stories

5/8/14A Graduating Class of One

5/7/14Hundreds Show Up for P&Z Meeting

5/2/14Course on Juvenile Offenders: Stephanie's Story

5/2/14Psychology & Treatment of the Juvenile Offender

5/2/14Course on Juvenile Offenders: Laura's Story

5/1/14They Walked a Mile in Her Shoes

5/1/14I Am Ambrosian


April 2014

4/29/14Excellence in Teaching Award

4/29/14Sandi Bunch perseveres to earn her BBA

4/22/14SAU's Latest Fulbright Scholar

4/21/14International Students to Graduate

4/21/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Kristin Upah!

4/16/14Expert on At-Risk Youth Will Deliver Commencement Address

4/10/14SAU Serves Children

4/8/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Molly Gabaldo!

4/8/14Newest Faculty Member: Matt Elliott

4/8/14Opportunities for students in 'Earnest'

4/8/14Productions announced for 2014-15 season

4/8/14Freshman Focus: Kelci Eaton

4/8/14Senior Spotlight: Kim Lally

4/8/14Freshman Focus: Nick Pearce

4/8/14Theatre in the QCA

4/7/14Early Childhood Education 'Rock Star'

4/7/14International Students at SAU

4/7/14Second SAU Dance Marathon Doubles Goal

4/4/14Meet Mohammad Buaysha

4/3/14SAU Students Present at NCUR 2014

4/1/14Studying Abroad: Making college graduates stand out

4/1/14SVC Development Garners Support


March 2014

3/31/14Studying Autism

3/31/14Lacrosse Team Wins Home Debut

3/28/14MAVO presents check to VA Homeless Outreach Center

3/26/14Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program Receives Accreditation-Provisional Status

3/19/14Hunhui Oh joins Social Work faculty

3/19/14St. Ambrose Announces New Middle East Institute

3/18/14School of Social Work announces Katherine Van Blair as Director

3/18/14A Sporting Chance at Success

3/18/14Winning Big in the Game of Life

3/17/14Amanda Greubel Named Director of Field Education

3/17/14Grad Student Named STEM Teacher of the Year

3/13/14Diversity Trip

3/11/14Follow the Queen Bees at NAIA Nationals

3/10/14Go Fish!

3/8/14Coaching for Their Lives

3/7/142014-15 Season and new classes

3/7/14Theatre in the QCA

3/7/14Senior Spotlight: Cami Sackett

3/7/14Alumni Spotlight: Seth Kaltwasser

3/7/14Cast attends 'high tea' for full effect

3/7/14Proof: 'Not a show to miss'

3/7/14Reflecting on 'Laramie'

3/7/14Freshman Focus: Rachel Pribulsky

3/7/14Meet the St. Ambrose Head Coaching Staff

3/6/14Bees for the Books

3/6/14Multicultural Week

3/5/14Five Epic Eras in SAU Sports

3/4/14New Website Creating Fighting Bee Buzz

3/4/14Queen Bees Win, Move On To Nationals

3/2/14New Middle East Institute Launched

3/1/14Grant Will Boost SAU Engineering Programs


February 2014

2/28/14Engineering a Better Chicken Coop

2/27/14‘Who Wouldn't Love Teaching People Like This?'

2/26/14Gifts Lift Gifted St. Ambrose Artist

2/25/14DPT Student Knows Other Side of Therapy

2/25/14Who is SAU? Dan Tomlin & Dan Zeimet

2/24/14Mock Trial Team to Compete at Nationals

2/24/14Diversity Fest 2014 includes celebration of Holi

2/24/14‘Divot’ Devoted to a Quad Cities Classic

2/23/14Fighting Bee Golf Classic Sponsors Aid Athletics and More

2/22/14Anything But Monkey Business for Zoo Director

2/21/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Branden Smith!

2/21/14Alumni Advisory Councils Tap Rich Resource

2/21/14Athletic Complex: 'Newest design addresses many neighborhood concerns'

2/20/14Helping Alumni Serve Their Alma Mater

2/19/14Giving Voice to the Wine Festival

2/19/14QC Media Outlets ‘Sport’ SAU grads

2/18/14Around the World in a Snapshot Photo Contest

2/18/14A Lifetime of St. Ambrose Athletics

2/17/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Michelle Lohberg

2/17/14All Things in Good Time…

2/17/14Bees Basketball Success

2/14/14Feb. 16-22: National Engineers Week!

2/12/14SAU Ties to Historic Violin

2/10/14BeeFriend Kickoff Party

2/10/14Class Notes

2/9/14Looking Back - Owen Rogal

2/8/14Cast Lists for 'Proof' and 'The Importance of Being Earnest"

2/7/14Alum Had Fun with Movie Reviews

2/7/14Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Adele Ackert

2/7/14Honoring J.J. Konstant '03

2/6/14Student-directed one-acts come to life

2/6/14Announcing the cast of 'The Laramie Project'

2/6/14KCACTF 2014

2/6/14Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Sheridan '05

2/6/14Senior Spotlight: Molly Conrad

2/6/14Freshman Focus: Madison Auge

2/6/14Theatre in the QCA

2/2/14Looking Back - Dean Marple


January 2014

1/29/14Fall 2013 Dean's List

1/23/14The Value of a DBA

1/21/142013 Winter Hooding Ceremony

1/17/14SCHEDULE CHANGE: Military Appreciation Weekend: Jan. 31 - Feb. 1

1/15/14DBA Grad B.J. Dunne - 'Learning to Question'

1/15/14DBA Grad Dick Kleine - 'Returning'

1/7/14Study Abroad Office Moves to Ambrose 313