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Amanda McClure

Bachelor of Science in Nursing,

Class of 2014


Amanda found nursing fit her passion for service and social justice.

In Her Own Words:

"St. Ambrose excels at several different things, one of those being serving the community. I remember initially being annoyed by the Urban Plunge requirement during welcome week my freshman year. I had a dorm room to set up, friends to make, classrooms to find and no time to be doing yard work for some strangers. However, I can honestly say that sweeping garages at St. Vincent's Center turned out to be a blast and really lit the spark behind my desire to continue serving the Quad City community during my four years on campus. "

"I participated in a lot of the different campus sponsored service activities throughout my time at SAU, such as Bee the Difference Day and Dance Marathon, but really found my passion for serving others through the SAU Nursing program. Nursing prepared me to be able to not only care for the medically ill in a hospital setting but to recognize people in need throughout the community. The nursing program helped to open my eyes to the difference I could make, even as a nursing student.  

"For example during our community health clinical rotation, our class held a small health fair at a local retirement facility highlighting the hazards of apartment living as well as encouraging healthy lifestyles for seniors. We were able to educate the residents regarding their medications, exercise regimens, and even their mental health. As nursing students we were also given the opportunity to help provide flu shots at the Genesis flu clinics and the St. Ambrose Student Nursing Association held various volunteer events on weekends as well."I'm currently a nurse at the Children's Hospital in Iowa City. Even on the worst days, I walk out of the hospital knowing I made a difference in a kiddo's life and would not have found myself at this opportunity if it weren't for the values and drive to serve I learned from SAU. I'll forever be proud to be an Ambrosian."