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Professional Development


Choose the class that fits your needs, or earn your Certificate in Leadership through St. Ambrose University by completing four Core classes and two electives within two years. A Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership also is available.

Register for all 6 classes at once and receive a 10% discount.

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Conversational Leadership: TBD
Leading and Managing Change: Sept. 12-13
Servant Leadership: TBD
Building Effective Teams: Oct. 24-25
Decision Making:  Sept. 26-27
Leadership Essentials: Aug. 2-3
Leadership Communication: Nov. 7-8
Negotiation Management: Dec. 5-6
Strategic Leadership: Oct. 10-11

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Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS)

Learn how to be persuasive, gain commitment, and get results from your coworkers. Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS) will teach you the practical skills needed to manage.

Negotiation Management and Conflict to Collaboration

This workshop will show the participant how to harness conflict to find new, different, and better ways of working.

Conversational Leadership

An interactive, skill-building workshop using real workplace stories of participants' failures to influence others on the job. Participants can expect to learn and rehearse how to increase their chances to influence people exhibiting different behavioral styles, a highly effective one-on-one meeting format, resolve differences of opinions, and gain more engaged responses from others.

Servant Leadership

The goal of this course is to develop leaders who recognize the importance of serving while also leading.

Decision Making

This course explores the major theories, concepts and practices of good decision-making. We will look at the basic models of how to make decisions more effectively, the many traps and barriers that hinder good decision-making, and a variety of proven techniques for improving decisions.

Leadership Communication

Examines theories and models of communication and the skills necessary for a leader to effectively communicate within the organization. Internal communication issues, strategies for effective communication, and issues surrounding new communication technologies are explored.

Project Leadership: Embracing Diversity of Opinion

Gain understanding of what conflict is, why it occurs, and how you can leverage results while managing and resolving the conflict.

Board Development for Non-Profit Executives

This class will provide theoretical and practical advice to help non-profit executives and board leaders recruit the right board members for them, orient those board members to become active champions for the organization, use the talents of your board members to meet the mission of the organization, and retain the best board members to continue to serve your organization.

The End of Management

For too many companies the dominant orthodoxy is that management doesn’t happen without managers. This workshop will explore why we hold these mental models so dear and their perceived role in accomplishing tasks.

Certificate in Leadership

The Certificate in Leadership is comprised of four core classes and two electives. Topics include the depth and breadth of effective leadership practices: conflict management, team building, decision making, and communication.

Earn a Certificate in Strategic Leadership

Join workshop March 21-22, see what Dan Ebener spoke about on "Paula Sands Live."

Leading and Managing Change

This workshop examines the human side of change - an area that many not only avoid, but also do not consider in their transition plans. Learn insights on how to minimize the stress and interruptions due to new initiatives.

Building Effective Teams

Whether it's a project team or a work team, group dynamics can be complicated. Members must come together, address work issues, assign tasks and roles, and learn to become a high performing team. This workshop will examine issues and develop strategies for team building within your organization.

Leadership Essentials

This two-part session will cover the traits, behaviors, and actions of a good leader by delving into the theories of leadership and having the participants assess their own leadership styles and traits. Additionally, participants will also take the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI) 360-degree assessment instrument, which is the best-selling and most trusted leadership tool of its generation.

Project Leadership and Professional Responsibility

This course discusses the difference between leading and managing in the project environment.

Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership

In addition to the leadership skills necessary for any successful professional, this program will look specifically at fundraising and board development to help you become the best leader – and your organization the most successful – you can be.

Fundamentals of Fundraising for CEOs and Board Members

Designed for non-profit executives and board members who do not have primary responsibility for fundraising for their organization, this course provides an overview of the philosophy and standard practices of effective fundraising so that executives and boards can successfully support their frontline fundraising staff.