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Professional Development


Excellence in Teaching

This course is designed to reinforce the value of the free enterprise system by providing experiential opportunities for educators and fostering issue awareness and skill development in a business atmosphere.

Dates to be determined.
Time: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily. Attendance is mandatory.
Where: Each day is spent in separate business settings. Personal transportation required.

Credit Options

Option A: Three graduate credits from St. Ambrose University

Option B: Two Professional Development credits through Mississippi Bend AEA


Graduate Credit Hours through St. Ambrose (3 credit hours): $600. Register and pay online
Professional Development Credits through Mississippi Bend AEA (2 credits): $200. Register with the Mississippi Bend AEA

Registrations received after the close date will be charged an additional $25 late registration fee.


Contact Tammy Chelf, School-to-Work at 563/359-9375.