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Spring Degree Candidates

Any errors or concerns regarding this list should be brought to the attention of the Office of the Registrar. Contact Bill McAleer,, 563/333-6201.

The Communications and Marketing Office will send out hometown news releases after commencement. Once the individual newspapers get the graduation news release, the paper's editor determines if and when they will run this student achievement news. Some papers will wait several weeks before publishing such items.

If you have not seen this news printed by mid-June you may want to first contact your local newspaper to inquire if they received the release and have plans to publish the news by a certain date.

BACHELOR’S DEGREE CANDIDATES (These are undergraduate candidates for graduation. The graduate candidates follow this section.)

Tucson: Michelle Campbell-Biology Teacher Education

Corona: Cesar Baca-Industrial Engineering

Erie: Isaiah Mosher-Human Performance and Fitness
Fort Collins: Kaelin Trippe-summa cum laude-Exercise Science
Greeley: Hannah Davidson-cum laude-Exercise Science
Loveland: Audrey Benedict-cum laude-Nursing

Pompano Beach: Carl Georges-Marketing

Altoona: Brock Daniels-Marketing
Ames: Ellen Joerger-Psychology
Atkins: Cole Epping-cum laude-Sociology-Theology
Bellevue: Kody Kilburg-cum laude-Management-Marketing, Sarah Lampe-summa cum laude-Psychology
Bettendorf: Morgan Allen-Art History-Book Arts, Ramsey Allen-Sport Management, Rhonda Depoorter-Business Administration-Accounting, Keara Gross-Strategic Communication, Kiley Gross-cum laude-Nursing, Cassie Hall-cum laude-Art History-Graphic Design, Jim Jackson-Business Administration, Lisa Jackson-magna cum laude-Business Administration, Shawn Jackson-summa cum laude-Mechanical Engineering, Abigail Landrum-summa cum laude-Psychology, Abigail Majeske-cum laude-Psychology, Megan Matthies-cum laude-Business Administration-Accounting, Sunne McGinn-Psychology, Max Moline-Art History-Theatre, Kristin Pruitt-cum laude-Nursing, Claire Reisen-cum laude-Nursing, Brandon Reyes-Computer Network Administration, Leita Richardson-Psychology, Tyler Ritter-Management-Spanish, Patrick Stoker-History, Megan Uhrich-Exercise Science
Blue Grass: Taylor Bruns-Management
Bondurant: Allison Adams-magna cum laude-Public Relations and Strategic Communication-Television and Radio
Burlington: Baret Ertzinger-Exercise Science-Psychology, Morgan Myers-cum laude-Psychology
Camanche: Kiana Turner-cum laude-Management
Cedar Rapids: Alex Cunningham-Forensic Psychology, Sarah Dickes-magna cum laude-Exercise Science, Daniel Eggers-Marketing, Logan Simon-Psychology
Chariton: Cierra Covington-magna cum laude-Forensic Psychology
Clarence: Jennifer Yancy-Forensic Psychology
Danville: Regan Fraise-Nursing
Davenport: Melvin Adkins-Mathematics, Joseph Aleksiejczyk-Strategic Communication, Christina Altman-Integrative Studies, Hannah Bindner-magna cum laude-Mechanical Engineering-Industrial Engineering, Christopher Boer-Management-Marketing, McKenzie Brotherton-Psychology, Nora Carr-cum laude-Elementary Education, Alyssa Daniel-cum laude-Chemistry, Helene Devine-Theatre, Peter Doyle-Management-Marketing, Alexandria Finn-Nursing, Amy Follis-cum laude-Business Administration, Steven Froeschle-History, Kee Fryxell-Painting, Linda Hahn-Nursing, Marianne Hamilton-magna cum laude-Management Studies, Brittany Hayes-Business Administration, Tasha Heritage-Behavioral Neuroscience, Emma Hubner-summa cum laude-Art Teacher Education-Painting, Karsten Jasper-Criminal Justice, Kristin Ketelaar-Nursing, Stephanie Latham-summa cum laude-Nursing, Joshua Maxwell-Management Studies, Hannah McAfoos-summa cum laude-Biology, Andrew McKay-Sport Management, Brandon Menke-summa cum laude-Computer and Network Security-Computer Network Administration-Criminal Justice-History, Dylan Mitchell-Physical Education Teacher Education, Marijana Nedic-cum laude-Marketing, Katherine Opar-summa cum laude-Elementary Education, Morgan Pavlich-summa cum laude-Exercise Science, Anthony Ratti-Business Administration, Katelyn Rigdon-Criminal Justice-Sociology, Cooper Roehm-Accounting, Blain Samuelson-cum laude-Biology, Jeyson Seneli Jean-Spanish, Emily Showers-Mathetics, Conor Stevens-Biology, Adriana Turner-Psychology, Matthew Wakeen-Special Studies, Stephen Walker-Business Administration, Emily Wessling-English, Emma Wilson-Special Studies, Marc Wyers-summa cum laude-Psychology-Philosophy
Delta: Michael Matzen-summa cum laude-Elected Studies
Des Moines: Alec Barber-Management-Marketing, Ashley Barron-Psychology, Emelia Otting-summa cum laude-Accounting-Mathematics, Gerene TeKippe-Psychology
Dewitt: Jaide Gassmann-cum laude-Psychology, Christopher Keitel-cum laude-Management-Marketing, Alexandrea Kimes-Forensic Psychology, Allen Mumm-Management, George Volrath-Finance,
Donahue: Michele Jungwirth-cum laude-Biology-Psychology
Dubuque: Justin Allendorf-cum laude-Accounting-Finance, Alicia Bowden-magna cum laude-Exercise Science-Psychology, Emily Duve-cum laude-Management-Marketing, Erica Molo-Psychology, Ashley Rodham-magna cum laude-Nursing, Allie Stecklein-cum laude-Mathematics-Theatre, John Sullivan-Finance-Marketing
Eldon: Holly Hackett-cum laude-Management Studies
Eldridge: Anna Boffeli-magna cum laude-Nursing, Jessica Day-magna cum laude-Elementary Education, Ryan Drechsler-cum laude-Finance-Management, Emily Hermiston-magna cum laude-Accounting, Kylie Mitchell-cum laude-History, Kaitlin Schmidt-cum laude-Psychology, Emily Soy-cum laude-Psychology, Robert Wolfe-Nursing
Elk Run Heights: Nicholas Scobee-magna cum laude-Management-Marketing
Epworth: Evan Ross-cum laude-Management-Marketing, Madalyn Welty-Exercise Science-Psychology
Fairbank: Alexander Goeller-Sport Management
Grand Mound: Mark Comer-cum laude-Management Studies
Grinnell: Lauren Emge-Art History-Painting
Holy Cross: Luke Maiers-Multimedia Journalism-Television and Radio
Hopkinton: Jena Downs-summa cum laude-Psychology
Iowa City: Aaron Adam-Biology, Sarah Hichwa-summa cum laude-Psychology, Nicholas Pearce-Theatre, Marie Schnoebelen-summa cum laude-Exercise Science
Johnston: Caleb Gibson-summa cum laude-Mechanical Engineering, Kayla Gibson-summa cum laude-Nursing
LeClaire: Katrina Griffin-Exercise Science
Long Grove: Mercedez Feldmann-cum laude-Elementary Education, Katie Hugaert-Business Administration, Erin Mead-Nursing
Manchester: Alyssa Kafer-Psychology
Maquoketa: Catherine Bettag-magna cum laude-English Teacher Education, Brian Sutton-Computer Science
Marion: Storm Bogs-Strategic Communication, Sarah Ernst-Exercise Science, Aaron Sloterdyk-cum laude-Exercise Science, Jessica Thomas-cum laude-Biology-Psychology, Jordan Webster-Moore-Theatre
Monticello: Corrigan Goldsmith-cum laude-Psychology
Muscatine: Allison Berns-Psychology Adam Hutton-Management-Marketing, Michaela Meyer-Nursing, Chad Montagna-Industrial Engineering
Odebolt: Christine Steinhauser-cum laude-Nursing
Ottumwa: Catherine Maher-Biology
Pella: Kaitlyn Van Ee-cum laude-Psychology-Management, Amber Williams-Psychology
Pleasant Valley: Melany Bazare-Business Administration
Riverdale: Bailey Brockhouse-Elementary Education
Robins: Sara Strauel-Nursing
Sabula: Jessica Mayfield-magna cum laude-Nursing
Solon: Jonah Kuntz-Criminal Justice, Jadyn Miller-cum laude-Nursing
Springbrook: Erin Dema-Accounting
Tipton: Rachael Tischuk-cum laude-Nursing
Traer: Haley Lunde-Strategic Communication-Spanish
Urbandale: Katherine Nelson-summa cum laude-Exercise Science
Waterloo: Erika Burke-cum laude-Nursing
West Branch: Garett Lynch-magna cum laude-Management-Marketing, Kelley Trimble-summa cum laude-Biology, Kelli Vaughan-summa cum laude-Exercise Science
West Des Moines: Allyson Naberhaus-Biology
West Point: Taylor Holtkamp-cum laude-Nursing
Williamsburg: David Francis-Sport Management
Windsor Heights: Ellen Flanders-Art History-Graphic Design, Kathleen Tingleff-Psychology

Aledo: Jesse Snyder-Biology
Algonquin: Richard Hoehn-Psychology
Alsip: Daniel Tieman-Marketing
Aurora: Juliana Froehlich-magna cum laude-Nursing
Bartlett: Kristyn Heim-magna cum laude-Elementary Education
Batavia: Sarah Duguay-cum laude-Nursing
Big Rock: Abbie Tosch-cum laude-Elementary Education
Bloomington: Kaylee Bowling-Biology, Colton Martens-summa cum laude-Biology, Luke McClure-Management-Marketing
Blue Island: Jamison McGury-cum laude-Management-Marketing
Bolingbrook: Jonathon Gibbs-Criminal Justice
Buffalo Grove: Bianca Macias-Psychology
Burr Ridge: Daniel Ormiston-Management-Marketing
Byron: Savannah Gluck-summa cum laude-Psychology
Cambridge: Kendall McKie-magna cum laude-Early Childhood Education, Molly Smith-magna cum laude-Elementary Education
Carol Stream: Melanie Feilen-cum laude-Psychology
Carthage: Alyssa Willey-magna cum laude-Strategic Communication
Cary: Jakub Ksiazek-Accounting-Management
Chicago: David Berglind-Exercise Science, Mary Campbell-Nursing, Andrew Cronin-English, Caitlin Cronin-cum laude-Psychology, Victoria DioGuardi-Criminal Justice, Katelyn Golen-Nursing, Frank Janiga-Marketing, Jacquelyn Lee-Psychology, Kenneth Leyendecker-Management, Marc McClory-Criminal Justice-Psychology, Conor McLaughlin-Criminal Justice, Alexsandra Najda-History-Political Science, Haley Richy-Criminal Justice, Allison Rohan-Accounting, Mary Scatena-magna cum laude-Exercise Science, Claire Sheahan-Criminal Justice, Brooke Sierzega-magna cum laude-Psychology-Sociology, Malgorzata Sojka-Management-Marketing, Heather Tilton-Exercise Science, Katelyn Turney-magna cum laude-Accounting-International Business
Chicago Ridge: Patricia Miller-Criminal Justice
Chillicothe: Madison Auge-Biology-Psychology, Bria Kohlman-summa cum laude-Exercise Science
Cicero: Luis Avila-Mechanical Engineering
Coal Valley: Cara Adams-Nursing, Michael Maffie-Biology-Chemistry, Jon Schroeder-cum laude-Accounting-Finance-Business Economics, Breanna Toney-Marketing
Cordova: Zachary Hart-Marketing
Crestwood: Angela Roma-Nursing
Crystal Lake: Laura Biederwolf-cum laude-Nursing, Matt Ferris-Management-Marketing, Jake Fetzner-Biology, Kimberly Stephan-magna cum laude-Marketing,
Davis Junction: Nicole Buzzo-magna cum laude-English
Des Plaines: Justin Halloran-Sport Management
Dixon: Mary Oswalt-Exercise Science
Downers Grove: Austin Adank-Marketing
Dwight: Nicole Huffman-magna cum laude-Psychology
East Dubuque: Jordan Frank-Psychology
East Moline: Anne Bohnert-Nursing, Kayla Cheek-Nursing, Nathan Gilbraith-cum laude-History Teacher Education, Halle Lewis-cum laude-Exercise Science, Sydney Mericle-cum laude-Psychology, Ryan O'Keeffe-Accounting, Molly Rowell-cum laude-Psychology,
Edwardsville: Sabastian Champlin-Accounting-Finance-Marketing-,
Elizabeth: Katie Schnitzler-magna cum laude-Psychology
Elwood: Cameron Brach-Nursing
Erie: Connor Saad-cum laude-English Teacher Education, Rhett Stover-cum laude-Management
Forsyth: Sarah Hoppe-summa cum laude-Psychology
Frankfort: Raegan Campbell-Psychology-Painting
Fulton: Amy Knight-cum laude-Accounting-Management, Kelsey Leffler-Psychology, Samantha Raab-summa cum laude-Psychology, Jessica Vanderploeg-cum laude-Psychology, Kyle Workman-Chemistry,
Galena: Anna Altfillisch-Management-Marketing, Allison Kelly-Nursing, Kailyn Sitzmann-Nursing
Galesburg: Fern Trego-Nursing, Victoria Worsfold-magna cum laude-Management-Marketing
Geneseo: Demi Debarre-cum laude-Forensic Psychology, Seth Hankins-Sociology, Claire Wiese-cum laude-English Teacher Education, Paige Yarger-magna cum laude-Elementary Education
Geneva: Abigail Paulson-Strategic Communication
Glen Ellyn: William Anderson-Biology, Lauran Simon-summa cum laude-Psychology
Glendale Heights: Joseph Zito-Marketing
Hillsdale: Drew Beale-Management-Marketing
Hoffman Estates: Briana Carlson-Morales-English Teacher Education-Philosophy
Homer Glen: Zachary Marszalek-cum laude-Nursing, Ronald Zychowski-Psychology
Island Lake: Carol Franzgrote-cum laude-Elementary Education
Joliet: Jacob Godlewski-Management-Marketing, Bayley Keys-cum laude-Psychology, Dana Koerner-magna cum laude-Nursing
Justice: Katherine Pennacchio-Criminal Justice
Kewanee: Alexandra Brown-Behavioral Neuroscience-Sociology, Amber Jordan-Human Performance and Fitness
Knoxville: Nolan Lewis-Graphic Design
Lacon: Nicole Woodall-summa cum laude-Exercise Science
Lake Bluff: Jeffrey Habjan-Sport Management-Marketing, Andrei Murphy-Sport Management
Lake in the Hills: Alissa Melchionna-Nursing, Brooke Neumann-cum laude-Nursing
LaSalle: Haley Wren-cum laude-Exercise Science-Human Performance and Fitness
Leaf River: Samuel Vincer-Management
Lee: Ellen Witte-magna cum laude-Exercise Science
Lockport: Ashley Reitenbach-Exercise Science, John Stanley-Nursing
Lynn Center: Jill Dzekunskas-cum laude-Business Administration
Manhattan: Ronald Dunlap-History
Manlius: Tyler Debrock-cum laude-Physical Education Teacher Education
Mapleton: John Molchin-cum laude-Philosophy
Marquette Heights: Miranda Dobson-cum laude-English Teacher Education, Brittney Horn-magna cum laude-Elementary Education
Marseilles: April Hovious-magna cum laude-Elementary Education, Erin Hovious-summa cum laude-Elementary Education
Matteson: Christina Franzese-Psychology, Shannon Milazzo-magna cum laude-Psychology
Mendota: Nicole Prusator-English Teacher Education
Metamora: Alexa Walker-Biology-Psychology
Milan: Mitchell Goveia-Sport Management, Haley Kitchell-summa cum laude-General Business Teacher Education, Gracyn Schriner-Psychology
Milledgeville: Carli Hunter-Nursing
Minooka: Maxwell Brozovich-cum laude-Management-Marketing, Robert Daniel-Computer Network Administration, Jenna Gebhardt-cum laude-Psychology
Mokena: Jennifer Buswell-cum laude-Nursing
Moline: Brynne Boyle-Business Administration, Rachel Cox-Psychology, Samantha Dearborn-Psychology, Stephanie Driskell-Exercise Science, Roberto Farias-cum laude-Industrial Engineering, Lindsay O'Brien-cum laude-Art History-Graphic Design, Tammy Pauwels-magna cum laude-Management Studies,
Monmouth: Matthew Oaks-magna cum laude-Business Administration
Morris: Brenna Feeney-magna cum laude-Psychology, Preston Miracle-Finance-Marketing
Morrison: Alexander Volckmann-cum laude-Exercise Science
Morton: Zachary Hoby-Accounting-Marketing, Alyssa Tompkins-Exercise Science
Mundelein: Clarice Roa-Forensic Psychology
Naperville: Kayla Anderson-cum laude-Nursing, Desiree Blosser-Strategic Communication, Michael Marks-General Business-Marketing, Mary McHugh-Early Childhood Education, Claire Ryan-Biology-Psychology
Neponset: Sarah Hanson-Psychology
New Boston: Jessica Richter-Biology
New Lenox: Jonathan Burns-Psychology, Ryan Fremgen-History, Kaci Krumreich-Criminal Justice, Gregory Wymer-Marketing
Oak Forest: Mallory Lampasona-Nursing
Oak Lawn: Samantha McAvoy-Nursing
Oak Park: Deatrice Marie Lewellyan-Women and Gender Studies
Oakwood Hills: Sarah Leudo-summa cum laude-Exercise Science
Oglesby: Katlyn Gealow-magna cum laude-Biology
Oregon: Sydney Klein-magna cum laude-English
Orion: Drew Amador-Biology, Hannah Blaser-magna cum laude-Strategic Communication-Writing,Kelsey Herold-Industrial Engineering, Alexandria Keleher-Nursing, Sophia Maciolek-Forensic Psychology, Terrah Wallarab-magna cum laude-Nursing, Malerie West-cum laude-English
Orland Hills: Brendon Austin-Management, Fred Kassal-cum laude-Exercise Science-Human Performance and Fitness, Alyssa Papan-cum laude-Psychology
Orland Park: Margaret Flaherty-cum laude-Nursing, Erin Golden-Nursing, Kevin Keavney-Marketing
Oswego: Kathryn Maher-magna cum laude-Exercise Science, Hannah Rupkey-Nursing
Ottawa: Ashley Krug-Psychology
Palos Heights: Carly Bettinardi-Elementary Education, Melissa Quero-Marketing, Molly Quinn-magna cum laude-Elementary Education
Palos Park: Leanna George-Management-Marketing
Pecatonica: Grant Colborn-Theology
Pekin: Lane Andrews-magna cum laude-History-Philosophy-Psychology, Katelyn Powell-magna cum laude-Management-Marketing, Cassidy Savage-cum laude-Psychology
Peoria: Jennifer Busch-summa cum laude-Exercise Science, Daniel Ferlmann-Marketing, Harrison Hale-Accounting-Marketing, Emily Jockisch-Strategic Communication, Blake Johnson-Sport Management, Ciara Kelly-Psychology, Joseph O'Brien-Marketing, Michael Ritthaler-Accounting-Finance, Samantha Roth-Psychology, Abby Tobin-Psychology, Christopher Wetzel-Marketing, Anna Windsor-summa cum laude-Psychology,
Peru: Zachery Cinotto-Finance-Management-Marketing
Plainfield: Kevin Farmer-Finance-Marketing, Nicholas Mark-Criminal Justice, Logan Reed-Paolone-Marketing, Emma Smith-Marketing, Sarah Wurster-summa cum laude-Forensic Psychology
Princeton: Austin Mack-cum laude-Criminal Justice, Nathan Norman-Elected Studies
Prophetstown: Cassandra Reiley-magna cum laude-Nursing
Quincy: Blake Brooks-Accounting, Jordan Eisenberg-cum laude-Nursing, John Finley-Exercise Science-Human Performance and Fitness, Conner Giesing-cum laude-Psychology, Kelsey Larson-magna cum laude-Psychology, Connor Obert-summa cum laude-Exercise Science-Human Performance and Fitness, Tyler Reid-magna cum laude-Exercise Science
Rochester: Curtis Baker-Marketing, Drake Leeper-Physical Education Teacher Education
Rock Falls: Linsey Brown-magna cum laude-Exercise Science, Aubree Johnson-magna cum laude-Psychology, Lucas Terveer-cum laude-Exercise Science-Human Performance and Fitness
Rock Island: Emily Burge-Psychology, Alexandrea Capriola-Psychology, Matthew Correthers-Psychology, Remona Laing-Computer and Network Security-Criminal Justice, Mary Skafidas-magna cum laude-Nursing,
Rockford: Angela Maples-cum laude-Exercise Science, Josiah McGuire-Human Performance and Fitness,Amber Neal-Psychology, Jonah Niedermeier-Computer and Network Security-Computer Network Administration, Jacob Sheley-Sport Management
Seaton: Mackenzie Clawson-magna cum laude-Mechanical Engineering
Sherrard: Samantha Herkes-Psychology, Chelsea Munday-summa cum laude-Accounting
Sidney: Mitch Negangard-cum laude-Management-Marketing
Skokie: Colleen Persaud-cum laude-Exercise Science-Psychology
South Elgin: Alyssa Metallo-Exercise Science
Springfield: Courtney Crabtree-magna cum laude-Early Childhood Education, Sarah Treat-Biology
St. Charles: Melissa Bronke-Psychology, Johanna Kistner-Management-Marketing, Rebecca Winters-cum laude-Exercise Science-Biology
Sterling: Amber Granzow-Forensic Psychology, Luke LeMay-cum laude-Management-Marketing
Stillman Valley: Andrew Marcum-magna cum laude-History-Political Science
Thomson: Janelle Dykstra-Nursing
Tinley Park: Gino Balestri-Criminal Justice, Jennifer Brennan-Psychology, Kyle Krol-Chemistry,Conor McDonald-cum laude-Accounting-Finance-Marketing, Michelle Scott-Marketing, Erik Spiller-Marketing
Tremont: Victoria Volk-summa cum laude-Mechanical Engineering
Washburn: Corry Rediger-cum laude-Psychology
Westchester: Louis Marino-Sport Management
Wheaton: Joseph Marconi-cum laude-Finance-Marketing, William Milnamow-Accounting, Allison Stavig-Elementary Education
Woodridge: Ryan Ford-magna cum laude-Criminal Justice
Yorkville: Lindsay Nickels-Nursing

Cedar Lake: Haley Denton-summa cum laude-English Teacher Education
Indianapolis: Kenton Winstead-Sport Management
Michigan City: Demetrius Butler-Marketing

Prior Lake: Deanna Busse-Human Performance and Fitness
St. Joseph: Aaron Bragelman-cum laude-Nursing

Ballwin: Mustafa Saffaf-Biology
Eureka: Kelly Wertenberger-Nursing
Fenton: Alexander Burton-Criminal Justice-Sociology
St. Louis: Parker Haley-Music Education, Nicholas Heisse-Exercise Science, Christina Shaw-magna cum laude-Exercise Science

Anson County: Kristie Phillips-cum laude-Psychology

Omaha: Nicholas Stuart-History Teacher Education

Carteret: Brianna Farrar-Sociology

Painesville: Rachael Pribulsky-Forensic Psychology-Theatre

San Antonio: Savannah Hill-cum laude-Psychology

Bayside: Elizabeth Heidenrich-cum laude-Accounting-Spanish
Menomonee Falls: Michelle Pohl-summa cum laude-Psychology
Mukwonago: Daniel Shuda-summa cum laude-Exercise Science-Human Performance and Fitness
New Berlin: Sarah Bubik-magna cum laude-Exercise Science
Racine: Brette Logic-Criminal Justice-Forensic Psychology
Shorewood: Brendan Morris-cum laude-History


Sydney: Ross Hendry-magna cum laude-Management

Ontario: Brendan Butrimas-Psychology, Ben Thornton-Accounting
Winnipeg: Nicholas Cooper-Exercise Science

Balsall Common: Thomas Greensall-Management-Marketing
Derbyshire: Jade Blackwell-Exercise Science-Psychology
London: Michael Ohioze-Physical Education (non-teaching)
Newcastle: Daniel Brown-Marketing-Sport Management
Perth: Gregor Stevenson-cum laude-Management-Marketing
Peterborough: James Trevor-Business Economics

Tampico: Daniel Martinez Almaraz-Mechanical Engineering

Noordwijk: Bart Van Rooijen-Computer and Network Security

Caguas: Stephanie Tirado-Criminal Justice

Haql: Saad Aljaber-Industrial Engineering
Jeddah: Mouhsen Alshareif-Industrial Engineering
Medinah: Mohamed Alharbi-Finance
Riyadh: Meshari Basaffar-cum laude-Industrial Engineering, Khalifah Alanazi-Computer Science

Fortunatus Rwehikiza-Computer Network Administration

MASTER’S DEGREE CANDIDATES (These are the master’s degree candidates for graduation. The undergraduate candidates preceded this section.)

Monterey: Mary Brewster-Business Administration

Wilmington: Callie Siers-Speech Language Pathology

Atlanta: Brandon Miller-Business Administration

Kailua: Carisa Diane Bailinson-Speech Language Pathology

Ankeny: Marissa Hurt-Speech Language Pathology
Bettendorf: Douglas Boleyn-Organizational Leadership, Jared Castaneda-Business Administration, Ethan Connors-Educational Administration, Samantha Drey-Speech Language Pathology, Brandi Houzenga-Business Administration, John Jacobsen-Pastoral Theology, Lauren Kapolnek-Occupational Therapy, Jamie Pratt-Educational Administration, Bailie Rasmussen-Early Childhood Education, Abby Smith-Early Childhood Education, Megan Snow-Occupational Therapy, Michael Snyder-Pastoral Theology, Jennifer Trumbull-Speech Language Pathology
Buffalo: Kevin Remley-Criminal Justice
Burlington: Anthony Huffman-Criminal Justice, Robert Huschak-Business Administration
Carlisle: Diane Thierer-Pastoral Theology
Cascade: Tara Manternach-Occupational Therapy
Cedar Falls: Brianna Fleming-Occupational Therapy
Cedar Rapids: Erica Bergfeld-Reed-Organizational Leadership, Jackson Boland-Criminal Justice, Rachel Flaherty-Occupational Therapy, Douglas Fowler-Business Administration, Jennifer McDonald-Business Administration, Kelsey Ocenosak-Social Work, Michelle Yanecek-Social Work
Clinton: Shelby Hinz-Occupational Therapy
Columbus Junction: Stacy Gerling-Social Work
Coralville: Nathan Robinson-Business Administration
Davenport: Erica Anderson-Accounting, Steven Barton-Pastoral Theology, Andrew Biere-Social Work, Brianna Bosco-Occupational Therapy, Carl Callaway-Occupational Therapy, Tanise Colvin-Educational Administration, Amy Fox-Organizational Leadership, Dan Freeman-Pastoral Theology, Chelsea Haley-Social Work, Annie Harre-Business Administration, Kelly Hendricks-Business Administration, Michael Henson-Educational Administration, Adam Holdt-Business Administration, Spencer Jones-Business Administration, Rachel Kaczinski-Occupational Therapy, Kimberly Kent-Business Administration, Amy Kuboushek-Social Work, Julie Landsteiner-Organizational Leadership, Cheryl Riley-Organizational Leadership, Taylor Smith-Social Work, Samantha Thrapp-Speech Language Pathology, Kawanda Whitley-Cox-Business Administration
Deep River: Jacklyn McCullough-Occupational Therapy
DeWitt: Brooke Kindelsperger-Social Work, Kaitlyn O'Leary-Occupational Therapy
Dubuque: John Hoffmann-Social Work, Patricia Ochs-Social Work, Rachel Rettenmeier-Early Childhood Education
Eldridge: Ardita Grunwald-Business Administration, Andrea Wilson-Speech Language Pathology, Michele Youngquist-Business Administration
Fairfax: Tracy Ekstrom-Social Work
Farley: Whitney Derga-Speech Language Pathology, Heather Jesenovec-Speech Language Pathology, Libby Kluesner-Educational Administration
Fort Dodge: Elizabeth Urlaub-Occupational Therapy
Ft. Madison: Michaela Martens-Early Childhood Education
Grand Mound: Mark Comer-Pastoral Theology, Francis Odoom-Organizational Leadership
Iowa City: Kathryn Ferring-Social Work, Christopher Kabat-Pastoral Theology
Kalona: Joseph Welter-Pastoral Theology
LeClaire: Ashley Adams-Criminal Justice, Kelli Houston-Educational Administration
Marion: Erika Dennis-Social Work, Miranda Niemi-Early Childhood Education, Quinn Treiber-Criminal Justice
Mason City: Leah Wies-Occupational Therapy
Mediapolis: Jay Miller-Accounting
Monticello: Ivee Adams-Occupational Therapy
Muscatine: Matthew Costello-Business Administration, Elizabeth Kloser-Business Administration
New Hampton: Deanna Lensing-Occupational Therapy
Newton: Emilee Brisel-Early Childhood Education
Ottumwa: Jacob Blumer-Business Administration
Palo: Catherine Muller-Social Work
Parnell: Joseph Rohret-Pastoral Theology, Tamara Rohret-Pastoral Theology
Princeton: Robert Ellis-Business Administration
Spencer: Jo Nowak-Thompson-Early Childhood Education
Stuart: Kylie Kieffer-Business Administration
Swea City: Genna Valvick-Speech Language Pathology
Vinton: Megan Hambly-Occupational Therapy
Waterloo: Elizabeth Campbell-Occupational Therapy, Regan McLaughlin-Occupational Therapy, Peggy Truax-Business Administration
West Point: Abigail Courtney-Occupational Therapy

Belvidere: Sarah Cooper-Speech Language Pathology
Byron: Lanni Jones-Early Childhood Education
Chicago: Brian Flisk-Criminal Justice, Jillian Hooker-Speech Language Pathology
Crystal Lake: Meghan Kelly-Speech Language Pathology
Dunlap: Elizabeth Finerty-Criminal Justice
East Dubuque: Jessica Sherman-Occupational Therapy, Jaclyn Trannel-Occupational Therapy
East Moline: Amanda Pease-Social Work
Evergreen Park: Alyssa Langevin-Occupational Therapy
Galesburg: Christopher Benejam-Business Administration, Caitlyn Clark-Social Work, Chelsey Weigand-Social Work
Geneseo: Joseph Garrity-Organizational Leadership
Germantown Hills: Laura De Luca-Early Childhood Education
Jacksonville: Paige Eilering-Occupational Therapy
Kewanee: Victoria Walters-Speech Language Pathology
Kirkland: Katherine Jones-Occupational Therapy
LeClaire: Kelley King-Business Administration
Lena: Laura Robinson-Social Work
Maple Park: Meghan Dienst-Speech Language Pathology
Mazon: Hannah May-Criminal Justice
Mendota: Priscilla Escatel-Speech Language Pathology
Milan: Emily Woods-Social Work
Moline: Benjamin Bartz-Information Technology Management, Shakhnoza Fahriddinova-Business Administration, Maressa Gustman-Accounting, Breann Hirst-Social Work, Katharine Morris-Social Work, Danika Schroeder-Speech Language Pathology, Jaclyn Slater-Business Administration, Amanda Welch-Social Work, Elizabeth Williams-Business Administration
Monmouth: Alexis Hendrix-Social Work
Naperville: Stephanie Condon-Occupational Therapy
New Lenox: Jacob Blankenberger-Social Work
Orland Park: Jasmine Sifuentez-Social Work
Palos Heights: Kaitlyn Hardt-Organizational Leadership, Michael Sexton-Information Technology Management
Paxton: Allyson Edwards-Occupational Therapy
Pekin: Dominique Shepler-Social Work
Peoria: Nichole Gomez-Speech Language Pathology
Peoria Heights: Christopher Morton-Organizational Leadership
Princeton: Stefanie Obenhaus-Speech Language Pathology
Quincy: Adam Kemner-Pastoral Theology, Meredith Kennedy-Early Childhood Education, Kevin Van Os-Business Administration, Claire Zanger-Occupational Therapy
Rock Island: Felicia Jones-Social Work, Tarre Kroft-Business Administration, Reina Reyes-Business Administration, Cris Washburn-Business Administration
Rockford: Alison Nelson-Speech Language Pathology, Joe Spindler-Business Administration
St. Charles: Jessica Andujar-Speech Language Pathology
Sterling: Jaime Rehmert-Speech Language Pathology
Sublette: Derek Henkel-Accounting
Taylorville: Mary Henderson-Social Work
Thomson: Christopher Legel-Organizational Leadership
Villa Park: Karla Villagran-Information Technology Management
Wheaton: Michael Kaiser-Business Administration
Woodhull: Heather Albrecht-Occupational Therapy
Woodstock: Amanda Weiland-Speech Language Pathology
Zion: Lauren Browne-Accounting

Petersburg: Cory Keepes-Speech Language Pathology
Westfield: Kyle Wilson-Business Administration

Peabody: Jenna Pickard-Speech Language Pathology

Andover: Leah Lewis-Speech Language Pathology
New Prague: Kelsey Becker-Speech Language Pathology
Rosemount: Corey Hiben-Occupational Therapy

St. Charles: Nicholas Lynch-Business Administration
St. Louis: Brooks Becker-Business Administration, Danielle Gainey-Business Administration

Omaha: Stacy Brewer-Occupational Therapy

Knoxville: Susan White-Organizational Leadership
Murfreesboro: Cassandra Gaddis-Speech Language Pathology

Woodbridge: Emmanuel Abban-Business Administration, Taleah Keith-Social Work

Chippewa Falls: Keely Webb-Social Work
Little Chute: Benjamin Reider-Business Administration
Marinette: Tamara Lapacz-Speech Language Pathology
Rice Lake: Alyssa Fenske-Speech Language Pathology


LaSalle: Catia Recine-Speech Language Pathology

Valparaiso: Bryan Bustos Carmona-Speech Language Pathology

Nanjing: Wangjing Chen-Accounting

Hyderbad: Shiva Kajipuram-Information Technology Managemen, Sridevi Veluru-Information Technology Management

Port Antonio: Javid Wood-Business Administration

Horten: Henryk Hinkle-Zaleski-Criminal Justice

Karachi: Farida Memon-Organizational Leadership

Riyadh: Fawziah Alharbi-Information Technology Management

Odessa: Svitlana Shevela-Accounting