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Office of the Registrar


Undergraduate Grade Schemes

Undergraduate courses are graded on the following scale, with specific grade points. All information is provided below and within the course catalog, but is also available to download (pdf).

Undergraduate Grading System

The grading system uses letter symbols with the following meanings:

A/A+ A- Exceptional achievement
B+  B- Above average achievement in subject matter
C+  C Basic Achievement in subject matter
C-  D+  D-  Work below basic achievement in subject matter
F Failure to meet course requirements
P Passing work completed in a course where the student is registered pass/no pass
NP Not passing work completed in a course where the student is registered pass/no pass
W Withdrawal from a course without an assigned grade
WF Withdrawal from a course while doing failing work
WP Withdrawal from a course while doing passing work
I Incomplete work (a student needs to have completed a majority of the course with a passing grade and to have worked out a schedule of completion with the teacher)
IP In progress work (for students in courses that are not expected to be completed within the normal semester, i.e. internships. (see explanation following.)
X Absence from the final examination (a schedule of completion is to be worked out with the teacher)
AU Course taken on audit basis

If a student receives an I or X, the course must be completed by the pre-arranged date made with the teacher of the course or by the end of the first 10 weeks of the next semester. A grade of F will be assigned if these deadlines are not met.

All I or X grades assigned before July 1, 1986 will be entered as F. Students wishing further consideration must apply to the Board of Studies.

An IP grade is to be used with courses that are not expected to be completed within a regular academic semester. Courses seeking to use this grade would have to be approved by the Educational Policy Committee. Courses approved to use this grade have a notation within their course description.

The requirements for use of this grade are as follows:
1. Completion of course work is limited to one academic year from date of enrollment.
2. Satisfactory progress has to be confirmed by the department chair at the beginning of each semester within the academic year.
3. If the work is not completed within one academic year, the student will have to re-enroll in the course and accept all financial consequences of this action.

Grade Quality-Points

Academic standing is communicated through a numerical system of "quality-points." To be in good standing, students need to have an average of two quality-points for each semester credit attempted or a 2.0 cumulative grade average.

Each letter grade carries a specific quality-point value. The quality-points earned in a specific course are equal to the value of the letter grade multiplied by the number of credits. Each letter grade has the following quality-points value:

GradeQuality Points
A/A+ 4
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1
D- .67
F 0

An incomplete (I) grade is not assigned any quality-point value and the course is not included in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average until a grade for the course is assigned. A pass/no pass course does not figure in the computation of the quality-point average.

Quality-point averages are determined by multiplying the numeric value of the letter grade by the semester credits the course carries. The cumulative GPA is calculated by adding up the quality-points earned in each course and dividing by the total number of semester credits attempted. The semester GPA is calculated in the same manner, but using only one semester's credits and grade points. All grades from college-level courses, including transfer work, are used in computing the cumulative grade point average (GPA).

Grades that you earned at other college and universities may be considered for admittance to the university and specific academic programs, but your SAU cumulative grade point average is based solely upon course work taken at St. Ambrose University. The SAU cumulative GPA will be reported on the transcript and will be used to determine academic sanctions, graduation honors, etc.