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Here you'll find information to better inform you about SAU, who we are, and what we have to offer. We know that in your job search, a central hub for information is quite helpful.  

If there is something you would like to see listed here but isn't, please let us know by emailing!

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Learn more about SAU

Get to know St. Ambrose - Get to know more about St. Ambrose from the SAU Undergraduate Admissions page

Quick Facts - A basic overview of St. Ambrose University

SAU Mission and Vision

About SAU - Several informative pages about SAU, including our history, Mission, and Vision

Institutional Research/Assessment - See the numbers behind our enrollment, demographics, and more. It's a more in-depth look at St. Ambrose University.  

Human Resources - Our HR website has the employee handbook, as well as links to current openings.

Davenport and the Quad Cities

Davenport is located on the Mississippi River on the border of Iowa and Illinois and is one of the Quad Cities which consists of several cities and towns. While we could attempt to describe the Quad Cities to you, others have already done a great job, so we will point you to their summaries and information pages.

SAU Undergraduate Admissions' page summary of the Quad Cities: About the Quad Cities

Visit the Quad Cities - Takes a visitor-oriented approach, which is sometimes the best way to find local hotspots! - Takes a more rounded approach, looking at the Quad Cities more completely.

Why We Love SAU

andrea riveraAndrea Rivera, Franklin & Themed Houses Director. St. Ambrose has been a home away from home for myself. I came to SAU in 2011 to complete my Bachelors degree all the way from Puerto Rico. I had such an amazing time within my undergraduate career that I decided to stay. You have so mnay opportunities to grow as an individual and you will find an amazing support system here. There so many more reasons and experiences that have brought me to St. Ambrose... ultimately too many to list. St. Ambrose is a very special place.

Amenities Provided

Being a Hall Director or Area Coordinator at SAU offers compensation including the following:

  • Dental, health, and vision benefits
  • Retirement plans with employer matching contributions
  • Tuition remission for Graduate Programs
  • Fully furnished housing in your area, with all utilities included (including cable TV, high speed and wireless internet, free laundry)
  • Reserved parking space and free parking
  • Full meal plan and $200 annual Buzz Bucks

Area Descriptions

Cosgrove - Hall Director (Live in)

Cosgrove is a traditional hall, housing 224 First Year residents. Cosgrove rooms are suite-style, with a bathroom joining two double occupancy rooms. The campus cafeteria is in Cosgrove, and a 24-7 computer lounge is on the ground floor.

The Hall Director lives in Cosgrove and supervises 8 student staff members (7 RAs and 1 Assistant Hall Director).

Franklin/Themed Houses - Hall Director (Live in)

Franklin is a traditional hall housing 204 residents, primarily sophomores. Franklin rooms are suite-style, with a bathroom joining two double occupancy rooms. The first floor has a cardio pod, while the remaining floors have lounges. 

Houses are considered preferred (typically upperclassmen). This position oversees 21 University-owned houses. Each house has 3-5 residents, and students may choose to make a themed learning community.

The Hall Director lives in Franklin and supervises 10 student staff members (7 Franklin RAs, 2 House RAs, and 1 Assistant Hall Director).

Rohlman/Non-Themed Houses - Hall Director (Live in)

Rohlman is a traditional hall housing 202 residents, primarily sophomores. Rohlman rooms are suite-style, with a bathroom joining two double occupancy rooms. The second floor has a cardio pod, while the rest of the floors have lounges. This position oversees 21 University-owned houses. Each house has 3-5 residents.

The Hall Director lives in Rohlman and supervises 8 student staff members (6 Rohlman RAs, 1 House RA, and 1 Rohlman Assistant Hall Director).

Hagen/Tiedemann//McCarthy/Townhouses - Area Coordinator (Live on)

Hagen and Tiedemann are apartment-style preferred housing. Hagen houses 140 residents, and Tiedemann houses 124 residents. Residents have preferred status (typically juniors and seniors). The two buildings are connected by the Link, which is the main entrance and also houses the Hall Director apartment, Hall Director office, cardio pod, lounge, and security desk.

The townhouses are preferred housing with each unit housing 8 junior or senior residents. Total resident capacity is 112.

McCarthy is an apartment-style, preferred hall with 96 residents. There are two floors of classrooms and three floors of apartments, two of which are themed communities (spiritual and international).

The Area Coordinator lives in a campus house and supervises 9 student staff members (2 Hagen RAs, 2 Tiedemann RAs, 3 McCarthy RAs, 1 Townhouses Assistant Hall Director, and 1 McCarthy Student Hall Manager).

Bechtel/North/Davis - Area Coordinator (Live on)

Bechtel is a traditional hall housing 140 First Year residents. Bechtel rooms are suite style, with a bathroom joining two double occupancy rooms. Each floor has a lounge. 

North is a mixed building, with each floor having a wing of preferred apartments (juniors/seniors) and a wing of traditional suites (freshmen/sophomores). Total resident population is 204. The entire building is academic themed.

Davis is an all-female, traditional residence hall with 121 residents. While primarily comprised of First Year students, there are many sophomores, juniors, and seniors who also elect to stay in Davis. Davis is primarily singles, with a few suites, and has primarily community bathrooms.

The Area Coordinator supervises 18 student staff members (6 Bechtel RAs, 1 Bechtel Assistant Hall Director, 6 North RAs, 3 Davis RAs and 2 Student Hall Manager- North and Davis).

Current openings

We have 2 Area Coordinator openings for July 2017! We anticipate 1 Hall Director opening, so check back soon!