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Residence Life & Housing



On-campus living provides opportunities to meet and get involved with other students through residence hall functions, student government, intramural athletics, volunteer service groups and many clubs and activities.

Computer Network

Every residence hall room has a direct connection to the SAU ethernet, as well as wireless. You will not use a modem for this connection. Simply contact Information Technology to make an appointment to have your computer set up for ethernet access. Ethernet cards are available through the University Bookstore.
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Essential Residence Hall Items
  • alarm clock
  • bedding
  • hangers
  • lanyard
  • laundry soap and supplies
  • roll of quarters for laundry
  • shower caddy (handheld)
  • desk lamp
  • study needs (reference books, stapler, paper clips, etc.)
  • towels

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Optional Items
  • Calendar
  • microwave (0.7 cubic feet or less than 650 watts)
  • fan (for Davis)
  • iron / table top ironing board
  • dry erase memo board for room door
  • television
  • computer
  • carpet
  • plants, posters and decorative items
  • indoor grill
  • mini fridge (4 cubic feet or less than 650 watts)
  • hot pot
  • scissors
  • small sewing kit
  • speakers
  • lofts

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Not Allowed

Halogen lamps; toasters; pets (except fish); candles and incense; pizza cookers (and other open burner items); homemade lofts; and shower caddy (those that hang on shower heads).

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Final Examinations and Vacation

Final examinations are administered at the conclusion of each academic semester. All students are asked to leave the residence halls within 24 hours of their last final exam or by the close of the residence halls. Exceptions apply only in the case of students graduating or those directly involved in the graduation ceremonies.

The university residence halls are open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break recesses. The residence halls will be closed during winter vacation. All students are encouraged to make other living arrangements during the winter break period. Only residents with valid reasons to stay and who submit a written request will be approved to stay on campus. Students are encouraged to take valued items home during vacation periods. While security coverage is in force, the university does not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

The university does reserve the right to charge students for housing over the semester break.
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Food Service

The staff of Sodexo, the SAU food service, works hard to meet the dietary needs and preferences of our students. They provide a wonderful and wide selection of hot and cold items for every meal. Each student living on-campus is required to participate in one of four meal plans offered by Sodexo. In addition, students have flex dollars that they may spend in the Rogalski Center Food Court to purchase a variety of food items or to bring a friend to the cafeteria. Special diets are accommodated when requested.

Students may change their meal plans during the first two weeks of the semester at the Residence Life office. For more information on options and costs, click here. The daily menu can be obtained by calling x4950, or by visiting the Campus Dining website.
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The University provides regular housekeeping services for all public areas in the residence halls. All bathrooms (including those in residents' rooms or suites) are cleaned at least once a week. Every student is responsible for cleaning his/her personal living space. Vacuums are available from the RA staff.
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For students' protection, students are advised to consult with home and health insurance agents prior to the beginning of the academic year. Parents may need to adjust their homeowner's policy to cover their Ambrose student while school is in session. Students who are not covered by their parents' homeowner's policies are encouraged to purchase renter's insurance. SAU assumes no liability for any loss or damage of personal property.
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Coin-operated laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. Soap, bleach and fabric softener will need to be provided by the student. Washers cost $1.25 per load and dryers cost $1.00 per load. Change machines are located in the Cosgrove basement and the first floor Hagen Hall laundry room. Bringing a few rolls of quarters with you is often helpful.
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Residence hall rooms contain extra-long beds (36" x 80") which require extra long linens to comfortably fit the mattresses. Student Services has an agreement with an outside vendor to provide these linens through Residence Hall Linens and Bedding. During the summer, students will receive in the mail a letter and order form that describes the products and special packages available. Make sure to order by the deadline to ensure linens arrive at home before departing for campus.
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Several banks are located near campus for students who wish to open local personal checking accounts. The Student Accounts office will cash personal checks (up to $30 per day) for students. A US Bank ATM is located on the first floor of the Rogalski Center.
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Any student with a vehicle on campus must obtain a parking permit. These can be purchased online.
Learn about parking policies and designated parking areas for students

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Residence Hall Damages

Damages incurred by a resident will be billed at the conclusion of each semester and must be paid prior to the beginning of the next semester. Residents of a particular floor or hall are responsible for the cost of repairs for any public area if the offender(s) cannot be identified.
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Room Dimensions

Cosgrove Hall Room
9' x 18' x 9'3" H

Rohlman Hall Room
11' W x 25' x 8' H at door

Davis Hall Single Room
9' x 12' x 8'10" H

Davis Hall Suite
Two rooms 10' x 12' x 8'10" H

Bechtel Single Room
9' x 11'

Bechtel Double Room
11.6' x 25

Hagen Single Room
11'3" x 7'9"

Franklin Hall Double Room
11.6' x 28'

Tiedemann Double Room
13'8" x 11'5"

Townhouse Double Room
18'9" x 11'

McCarthy Hall Double Room
12' x 14'

North Hall
Preferred Bedroom: 9' x 11'
Traditional rooms: 11' x 29'

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Phone jacks and local phone service is available for students who wish to use a landline phone; there is a $25/per year set-up fee. Students must provide their own phones. Students may request a long distance calling code from the Student Accounts Services office. Any student using a code supplied by St. Ambrose is responsible for prompt payment of all long-distance charges. Unauthorized use of the telephone and the long distance calling code will result in a $50 fine plus the cost of the telephone calls. Repeat offenders will lose their telephone privileges.
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Cable Television

Each residence hall room is equipped with free basic cable.
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