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SAU COMM alums Tara Wellman '10 and Tom Prior '14 team up to cover local sports for Mediacom
Tara Wellman '10 and Tom Prior '14 cover a variety of professional and high school sports events for Mediacom's MC22.

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COMM Alums – What are they up to now? Below are some links to just a sample of them:

Paige Allen '16
David Baker '88
Jerry Bert '78
Russ Buckingham '01
Ron Cinadr (Ron Evans)
Pat Clarke '81
John Collins '69
Ken Colwell '73
Franc Contreras '87

Michelle (Keller) DeClerck '90
Chad Denning '94
Dave Frumkin '85
Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino '91
Jake Hannon '16
Dan Haverkamp '10
Jim Hunter '82

Pete Ivanic '96
Kris Ketz '82 
Johnna (Klossing) Kerres '09 
Tom Maicke '92
Rich Masters '85 
Tim McNicholas '13
Jeff Nelson '76
Dustin Nolan

Mike Ortiz '87
Dean Otte '87
Wendy Pondell '05 
John Pomeroy '88
Matt Randazzo '01
Dustin Renwick '10
Jim Robesky '94

Don Schneider '76
Shelby Shepherd '15
Jenni Shreeves '95
Ted Stephens '01
Dan Tomlin '04
Janelle Tucker 
Tara Wellman '10
Kirk Wendhausen '94
Mitch Widmeier '15
Ryan Wild '03
Beth Wood '79
Joe Zerull '04
Jon Zimney '89

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