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Safety & Security Office


Parking Regulations

Temporary Vehicles or Permits

If you have a permit, but have to bring a different vehicle to campus, temporary permits are available for free from the Security Office. Generally temporary permits will not be issued for longer then two weeks. You may also add a temporary vehicle to your permit in the online system. Please note that a second physical permit is not issued, and you must give 24 hours for the change to be posted in your record.

Temporary student permits may be purchased at the Security Office. Temporary permits will generally not be issued for longer then 2 weeks.


If you need to carry something heavy or bulky to your residence hall, classroom, or office, you may use the closest lot as long as you have your flashers on and do not leave your car unattended for longer than 30 minutes. You may not use disabled, reserved, or visitor spaces for loading and unloading.

Vehicle Breakdown

If your vehicle breaks down or will not start, call Security and ask for assistance. If the vehicle is not operable then the security officer will place an orange disabled sticker on your windshield. This will help prevent tickets. All disabled vehicles should be moved within 24 hours unless special arrangements have been made through the Security Office. The operator is responsible for any tickets received for vehicles without a disabled sticker.

Family Visiting Campus

If your family members will be here for fewer than two hours they may use visitor parking. If they will be here longer than two hours contact Campus Security for a free temporary parking pass good for the duration of their visit.

Visitor or Guest Parking 

Visitor parking is available in the Cosgrove Hall lot and in designated spaces in the Rogalski Center. View a map of campus parking areas. If these areas are full or you are planning an extended visit contact the Security Office. Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff may not park in visitor areas even if on campus for some purpose other then classes, loading, or unloading Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Everyone parking on campus is required to have a permit. If you are inviting someone to speak to your class or scheduling meetings with people who do not have a parking permit then temporary passes are available free of charge. Contact the Security Office between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday and ask to speak to someone in Parking to obtain a parking pass for your guests.

Disabled Parking 

Disabled parking is available and conspicuously marked in most lots. All vehicles parking in these areas must display a current student permit and disabled placard/plate. When vehicles are found parked in these spaces without a proper permit the Davenport Police may be notified and asked to ticket the vehicle. During these times reasonable efforts will be made to identify and contact the person responsible for the vehicle so it can be immediately moved. If the driver cannot be found the vehicle is subject to towing at the owner's expense. For information about temporary campus disabled placards contact Accessibility Resource Center. St. Ambrose University disabled permits will generally not be issued for longer than 30 days, and only one permit will be issued per calendar year for the same disability.

Leaving Cars on Campus

Special permits are not required for summer sessions, winter break, and spring break. However, faculty and staff must contact Security to arrange for break parking if they are leaving their car for an extended period of time, such as attending a conference or study abroad trips. Contacting Security allows us to better monitor vehicles left in the lots during non peak times and will help avoid parking citations.

Event Parking

Anytime that you are planning an event that will draw attendance from people who do not regularly park on campus contact Security and speak to the Assistant Director/Parking Manager. Please understand that this is necessary because your event may not be the only event held on a specific day and Security can assist in your planning and coordination. A limited number of spaces are reserved in Zone 1 for events held during the school day. When planning an event to be held during normal business hours please recognize that available parking is limited. Spaces in parking lots will not be reserved for Departmental events, but it may be possible to relax ticketing in faculty/staff areas for event attendees. Spaces may be reserved for institutional events. Examples of institutional events are President's Office functions, large Admissions events, and Board of Trustees meetings.

Additionally, if you are planning large events during the workday you are encouraged to use off-site parking. The Security Office can help provide locations that have been willing to assist with event parking for past events. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to make off-campus parking arrangements.