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Safety & Security Office


Safety Policies

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Incident Reporting

Suspicious and criminal activity, along with safety concerns, should be reported to the Security Office. For emergencies, six blue cap phones are located around campus. Activation of this phone opens a direct line between the caller and the 24-hour security desk in Cosgrove Hall. A strobe light on the top of the phone is also activated, directing attention to the caller.

Security can also be reached by calling 911 from any campus phone; by using the elevator phones in Tiedemann, Hagen, Rohlman, Ambrose and Lewis Halls and the Library; or with the red emergency phones in the lobbies of Hayes and Lewis Halls, Galvin Fine Arts Center and the Beehive. The call will ring directly into the Cosgrove security desk and will receive an immediate response from the security staff.

If the incident is criminal in nature, the victim/complainant is encouraged to report the incident to the Davenport Police Department. The Security Department will assist by serving as an advocate for the victim/complainant as they complete the report filing process.

Access To Campus Facilities

Rohlman, Davis, Cosgrove, Tiedemann and Hagen Halls have controlled access from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. At 7 p.m. all but the main building entrances are secured. Visitors to the buildings must have their host come the desk where both the host and visitor must sign in and leave a picture identification card. During restricted hours, only hosts and their guests are allowed in the building. The visitation policy requires all guests to leave the building by 2 a.m., with the exception of Tiedemann and Hagen Halls. Both host and guest are held responsible for violations of the visitation policy.

Residents of the townhouses and individual campus houses are not required to sign in their guests and have a more open visitation policy. All residential facilities are patrolled frequently by security and residence life personnel.

Academic buildings are secured by the Security Office at 10 p.m. and reopened at 6 a.m. Routine patrols are made of these areas and campus grounds by security staff. Students and employees are encouraged to report safety concerns such as inadequate lighting and door/lock problems to the security desk.

Campus Law Enforcement

St. Ambrose provides on-campus law enforcement through state certified peace officers who are full-time employees of the Scott County Sheriff's Department and the Davenport Police Department. They provide a high level of visibility on campus along with arrest powers as needed. During special events, additional officers are assigned proportionate to the increased number of people on campus. If an incident occurs while a peace officer is on campus, a police report can be filed if the victim/complainant wishes. If a reportable incident occurs when there is not an officer available, victims are encouraged to file a report with the Davenport Police Department.