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Safety & Security Office


Safety Committee

What is the Safety Committee?

The St. Ambrose University Safety Committee (a.k.a. Loss & Liability Committee) is comprised of SAU staff and faculty as well as representatives from contracted service providers serving the university.

Activities of this committee include but are not limited to:

• Discuss and evaluate existing and potential exposures to health-compromising events or procedures; provide recommendations and strategies to individuals or departments for reducing exposures. Examples include identifying needed signs, changes to policy or procedure, education gaps for faculty/staff/student body in specific contexts.

• Review/discuss training needs to address safety matters regarding the above mentioned.

• Review, discuss, and plan for training and train select SAU employees for emergency response and recovery operations.

• Conduct regular fire and evacuation drills in academic buildings.

• Review and discuss means to eliminate repeated incidents/accidents with affected employees and their supervisor.

• Meet with outside individuals (e.g. vendors, consultants) as deemed pertinent or beneficial to further progress in any of the above.

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