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How to File a Report

Follow the steps below to file a report of sexual violence/assault/harassment with St. Ambrose University.

Step 1 – Contact the SAU security office at 563-333-6104 or 911 from a campus phone.

Step 2 – A lead officer will meet with you to take down facts and create an incident report.

• We will begin by affirming that we believe the information you are about to share with us.
• You may have someone with you to provide support.
• You may request the Davenport Police Department to take a report at that time as well.
• You will be notified of your rights and the options you have in the campus process.
• You will be offered awareness of support services and have questions answered.

Step 3 – Shortly after the incident report is filed, Security and Dean of Students administrators will determine if they have a legal and/or moral duty to report this incident (anonymously/in general terms) to the campus community.

• This is a federal requirement of the Campus SaVE Act.
• The intention is never to compromise your confidentiality but rather to ensure that the community is made aware of any on-going threat of sexual assault.
• You will be informed as to how a decision is made and what the determination is about the decision to report this incident campus-wide.

Step 4 – The investigation begins. This process can take 2-4 weeks.

• An investigator will be assigned to lead the investigation.
• To complete this investigation you will be asked a series of questions to determine what policy violations have occurred.
• The respondent [person accused] and any witnesses will also be interviewed.
• At the conclusion of the investigation, you will be asked to write a Victim Impact Statement. This statement will give administrators an understanding of how the described event has affected and impacted your life.
• For more information on the policy and process see the student handbook, pages 20-22.

Step 5 – After the investigation is completed a decision is made as to whether the University has a preponderance of evidence that a policy violation has occurred.

• If the respondent accepts responsibility for this violation and agrees that they did perpetrate an act of sexual violence, an administrative hearing in which they agree to the policy violations and establish agreed upon sanctions from the university may be implemented.
• If the respondent does not agree with the charges or accept responsibility for the violation a student conduct review hearing may be requested.
• A student conduct review hearing is facilitated by three administrative staff members.

o In this process, the respondent has the right to ask the complainant questions.
o We assist doing this in the safest way possible, including offering separate venues for delivering testimony so that each is not required to be in the same room.
o A support advocate is available to all individuals throughout the entire process.

• Please see the Student Handbook, pages 35-37 for conduct review hearing procedures.