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Rape and sexual assault happen to women, men and children of all ages, races, classes and educational levels. It is important for you to know the facts and learn what recourses are available in case you or a friend is a victim of a rape or sexual assault.

Here are some facts about sexual assault on college campus:

  • Most students are assaulted not by strangers but by other students whom they know. Assaults often take place in the living quarters of either the perpetrator or the victim.
  • Most of the assaults involve alcohol consumption either by the perpetrator, the victim or both by lessening people's inhibitions and their defenses.
  • The victims are primarily women, but men are sexually assaulted by men and women.
  • Sexual violence can exist even within a relationship, where emotional control and physical or sexual abuse occurs in a cycle similar to domestic violence.
  • One in four college women have survived rape or survived attempted rape.

Some of this information has been adapted from a publication by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (2000)