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Tax Form

Form 1098-T


St. Ambrose University sends students their 1098-T forms (tuition information for year-end tax filing) through their Beeline accounts. You will be able to both download and print this form.

Students must first OPT-IN for the electronic delivery. If the student does not wish to receive this form electronically it will be mailed to them. To retrieve your 1098-T online you will need to complete an electronic consent form. Please download instructions (pdf) on how to complete the consent. 

Anyone who has consented to electronic delivery of their 1098-T will not receive a printed copy. You will be notified in early January when the 1098-T forms are available for viewing and printing. 

There are several advantages to receiving an electronic copy of your 1098-T. Some of those advantages are:

1. You will not have to wait for your 1098-T to arrive in the mail.

2. You will not have to worry about losing it.

3. You can print copies of your 1098-T whenever you need them.

4. 1098-T forms for previous years also will be available for viewing and printing.

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