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Marketing Your Event

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Marketing and Advertising Strategies

• Butcher Block Paper  –  Students can advertise their event by writing on butcher block paper using colored pencils, markers, and/or crayons. The butcher block paper is located in the Rogalsi Center Student Leadership Center. Once students complete their butcher block paper please see the student activities office for possible locations to display the butcher block poster. It is recommended that students use butcher block advertisement about 10 days prior to their event.

• Posters  –  Students can create 8 ½ by 11-inch posters and advertise the posters in the designated locations stated in the posting policy. Before hanging up posters on campus you must come to the Student Acitivites Office to obtain a stamp of approval. Please refer to the Posting Policy for more information. It is recommended that students put up posters at least six days prior to the event.

• Social Media  –  Today's generation is very tech savvy, and the use of Facebook and Twitter is another great way to advertise an event. If the student organization/club does not have their own Twitter or Facebook page, students are asked to send student activities an email asking if their event can be advertised on the SAU Student Activities Facebook and Twitter pages. It is recommended that students contact the Student Activities office at least two weeks prior to their event to gain approval of such advertisement on the SAU Student Activities social media pages. This kind of advertisement is encourages two to three days prior to one's event. Additionally, YouTube Videos have also helped.

• Word of Mouth  –  What speaks louder than your voice? Word of mouth. This type of advertisement is encouraged throughout the advertisement/marketing process. Tell your classmates, residence hall suitemates, professors, staff, anyone who will listen about your upcoming event. If you're excited about the event you can help them become excited as well and hopefully they will attend your event.

• Offer Prizes  –  Purchasing gift cards from local food establishments as prizes for attending events is also a great way to get attention for an event. The small cost of a $5 gift card may be worth it if it helps bring in 50 students who otherwise would have not attended.