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Student Activities



Posting Policy

All bulletin boards on campus require prior approval by Student Activities before your group affixes an announcement or advertisement. 

Additionally, you can also contact our office to advertise on the MTVU channel in Cosgrove Cafeteria.

St. Ambrose University Posting Policy

Updated Fall 2012

These guidelines apply to all on and off-campus organizations and individuals posting information for the campus community.

Posting Locations
The following list includes all areas where general flyers/information may be posted on university property. For permission to post on bulletin boards not listed here, go directly to the department/office that maintains that board. All boards are numbered for convenience.

Ambrose Hall, Beehive
#1 North Entrance
#2 Hallway between restrooms
#3 West wall between windows
Windows facing Rohlman Hall

Ambrose Hall, 1st Floor
#4 East entrance, outside "General Accounting" and "Registration & Records"

Ambrose Hall, 2nd Floor
#5 outside room 226

Cosgrove Hall, Lower Lounge Area
#7 Northwest Entrance, west wall, near vending machines
#8 South wall, opposite restrooms

Hayes Hall, South Entrance (facing Ambrose hall)
#9 West side of main lobby, by phone & vending machines

#10 Main floor, entryway
#11 2nd floor, student lounge

Rogalski Center
#12 1st floor, west entrance (glass cases) (there are 2 on the first floor)
#13 2nd floor, next to Post Office (glass cases)

McMullen Hall
#14 outside room 104
#15 outside room 202
#16 across room 205

These guidelines apply to all on and off-campus organizations and individuals posting information for the campus community. They are intended to foster open communication and information of campus while keeping building walls and windows neat and presentable for visitors. Departments and offices that maintain bulletin boards not listed here are asked to follow the same general rules.

  • All campus areas designated for general posting are listed on the reverse side of this document.
  • Events should be posted no more than 14 days prior to the date of the event. Only two postings for the same event are permitted in a given area.
  • Because duct tape, mailing tape, and other adhesives damage paint and mar surfaces, general postings may not be placed on windows and painted surfaces. An exception is the Beehive windows (Blue painter's tape must be used).
  • On campus offices and departments do NOT need approval or stamp from the Student Activities Office. If any office violates the content policy a conversation regarding their posting privileges will be had with the Director of Student Engagement.
  • All student clubs must have approval and a stamp from the Student Activities Office to post on campus.
  • All postings from off-campus organizations or postings which represent off-campus activities must be approved, have the Student Activities stamp, and will be charged a $5 fee. Checks payable to St. Ambrose University.
  • Any requests for posting of rental units will be approved by the Student Activities Office and then a copy of the posting will be placed in the Dean of Students Office for student reference. Landlords will NOT be able to place ads in the student mailboxes due to frequency of postings and the amount of landlords. 
  • "Table Tents" in Cosgrove Cafeteria require approval from the Student Activities Office and then the Resident Dining Manager of Sodexo (Extension 6360) should be consulted before being placed on tables.
  • The Student Activities Office will approve postings at 4pm on the weekdays. The following morning you will receive an email from the front desk worker that your request has been approved or denied.
  • Student Activities reserves the right to refuse posting requests.
  • All postings will be removed after event date or 30 days after the approval stamp. Posting is prohibited on the following: Interior and exterior windows, walls and doors Chalkboards and white boards Stairwells, bathroom stalls Under residence hall doors Automobiles On/off campus door to door soliciting. Hand railings in stairwells (Only the lower Rogalski Center handrail at bottom of stairs is allowed) See reverse for acceptable posting locations. Content/Type 
  • Postings should not exceed 11" by 17" in size. Exceptions will be made for stock or pre-made materials provided by an off-campus organization that advertise official campus activities.
  • All posted materials should include the name of the sponsoring group. (i.e. sponsored by ____________)  Written or pictorial references to alcohol are prohibited. Written or pictorial messages of a sexiest or racist nature or of a nature that otherwise offends the principles of human dignity are prohibited.