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Student Activities



Start a New Student Club/Organization

If you're interested in either starting your own student organization from scratch or reactivating an existing organization, you've come to the right place. The process is fairly simple and also outlined in the Student Organization Resource Handbook.

An organization must have the following in order to be recognized by Student Activities:

  1. A drafted constitution should be completed. Sample constitutions are located in the Student Organization Resource Handbook, under Appendix A.
  2. A petition for recognition with a minimum of 20 signatures from currently enrolled students and their identification numbers, under Appendix B. Include the name of one SAU faculty or staff member who agrees to serve as the advisor for the organization.
  3. A completed student organization information update sheet in the Student Organization Resource Handbook, under Appendix C.

Appendix A, B, & C can be found here. (pdf)

Once all these steps have been completed, the completed paperwork should be submitted to Student Activities.

After the paperwork has been reviewed and approved for recommendation, it will be forwarded to the Student Government Association (SGA). A representative of the aspiring organization MUST BE present at the meeting where recognition status is being discussed by SGA. Any amendments to the constitutions must be approved by the student representative(s) present at the meeting. If SGA and the aspiring organization are in agreement to the constitution (and/or changes), the student organization may be recognized.