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Student Activities


Senator Application

The primary function of each GSGA senator is to serve as an elected class representative from each graduate program. This position gives you the opportunity to represent and speak for the program you are enrolled in at SAU as well as fellow classmates.

As a GSGA Senator you must:

• Serve as the elected class representative by attending the scheduled GSGA meetings during the semester/term you serve.
* Attendance is required. Advanced notice of absence is appreciated; please send an email to Laura Graff at Each Senator is allowed only one absence, excused or unexcused, per semester. More than one absence will result in forfeiture of 100% of the semester's stipend.

• Update your program on GSGA events, opportunities and other pertinent information
*You will be expected to do this by class announcements, e-mails, flyers, and/or Blackboard.

• Act as a liaison between GSGA and SAU community
*Gather information from your graduate program office, classmates and other sources on your campus prior to each class and bring it to GSGA meetings for discussion.

• Actively Participate in 1 or more GSGA Committees

• Recruit fellow students to be GSGA Senators (2 Senators are needed for each program.)

• Participate in the discussion at GSGA meetings

• Participate in the allocation and use of GSGA funds made available to the senate in the interest of all graduate students at SAU

• Follow through with student requests for GSGA as well as senatorial responsibilities that may be included

• Encourage student involvement in refinement and improvement of graduate programs at SAU

• Encourage and identify means for providing recognition to graduate students for scholastic and professional excellence

• Abide by moral and ethical standards

Complete the Senator Application