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Money Request Guidelines

Taken from Article VI, Section 4, Part A of the Student Government Association Constitution

1. When money is requested over $50 by the administration, campus organizations, clubs, honor societies, and all community organizations, they must submit a standard SGA money request form. Any representative from an outside club or organization must submit a money request no less than four (4) days prior to the SGA meeting. These requests must be accompanied by an itemized budget.

2. For all matters over $50, a simple majority will constitute approval.

3. Only money requests $50 or under need not be voted on, if met with presidential approval.

4. The criteria used for considering money requests shall include, but not be limited to: fundraising activities, organizational efforts, timeliness, amount of the St. Ambrose University student body affected, and the quality or educational value of the request. SGA will not be responsible for costs that include personal expenses, with the exception of expenses included in registration or fees for events. a. When debating whether to approve a money request, a Senator should consider the following criteria: i. Precedent: When SGA makes a decision, that decision must be used as a standard in subsequent similar cases. Similarly, SGA must consider previous precedents when making any decision. SGA must remain fair and consistent and avoid arbitrariness.

Important Questions to Address:

• Has the group fundraised or made a good-faith attempt at fundraising for items contained in its request?
• Is/was the group or its proposed activity open to the entire Ambrose student body?
• Are items in the proposal vague or insufficiently described?
• Fiscal Responsibility: SGA must also act with good judgment and sound thinking with regard to the students' Clubs and Organization budget. As the representatives of the student body, the Senate is trusted to handle the budget. That said, in order to avoid bias, SGA generally considers money requests as though it is dealing with the same budget at the end of the year as it does at the beginning of the year.

5. Clubs and organizations shall meet with the Finance Committee to discuss the above criteria prior to formal request at the SGA meeting.

6. Those receiving funds from Student Government shall have ten school days after an event to turn in receipts for reimbursement. Allowances will only be made for extraordinary circumstances as deemed by the President, the Treasurer, and the Chairperson of the Finance Committee.