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Ambrosians Collaborating Together

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The purpose of Ambrosians Collaborating Together (A.C.T.) is to promote leadership, friendship, and community among members by providing an organization whose core values of truth, honor, and selflessness are depicted through the "collaboration" of joint efforts.

By joining A.C.T. you will have the opportunity to be involved in community service, receive academic support, and grow professionally by using existing campus resources. The overall goal of A.C.T. is to help students achieve success throughout their college career.

ACT Five areas of focus

1. Academic Excellence
2. Building relationships
3. Community Service
4. Professional Development
5. Friendship (Brotherhood and Sisterhood)

Roles and Responsibilities

• Attend and participate in A.C.T. workshops, activities and events - All Five Focus Areas
• Maintain a G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher each semester - Academic Excellence
• Encourage the use of study tables if one needs to focus more on his or her studies to obtain desired academic grades - Academic Excellence
• Engage in community service activities - Community Service
• Foster positive relationships with others (i.e. peers, faculty, staff and alumni/community). This person will be known as your fellow "collaborator" - Building Relationships
• Use existing campus resources as outlined in the program to obtain success (i.e. Student Success Center, Career Center, First Year Experience, Student Activities, etc.) - All Five Focus Areas
• Be willing to hold yourself and others accountable. Encourage one another to strive for excellence and not settle for less - Friendship

Overall, all students in A.C.T. will work together with everyone as a team with a like-minded goal - achieve success during their college career which is best said in the mission of St. Ambrose University.

If this leadership program aligns with your goals, desired outcomes, and commitment to being successful during your career at St. Ambrose University please continue by completing this online questionnaire (Google Survey).