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Students Trained as Role-Models (STAR)

students trained as role models

STAR position description

Students Trained As Role models (STARs) are an integral part of orientation and Welcome Week at St. Ambrose University.

Orientation's success, in a large part, depends on the ability of the STAR to share his or her individual university experiences and reactions to university life with new students and parents. STARs and other staff members work to create a friendly and helpful environment in which students and their parents can find answers to their questions and concerns.

In order to work effectively with new students, applicants should possess or be willing to develop the following qualities:

1. A commitment to Summer Orientation and to the STAR Program
2. A commitment and belief in the academic advising system and university student support services
3. Participation in university programs, student organizations and extracurricular leadership activities
4. Effective communication skills (one-to-one basis)
5. Small group discussion leadership skills and public speaking skills
6. Punctuality, dependability and poise

Believe you can be a STAR? Prove it!