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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to be a STAR if I graduate in the Spring semester?

No, only students who will be enrolled in the fall as an undergraduate student are eligible.

Is housing provided during the summer?

Yes, but only during June.

Can I miss working any Orientation sessions in June?


Can I miss any of the training?

No. Training is MANDATORY for all STARs, new and returning members.

How much work is involved?

"I wouldn't consider being a STAR 'work.' It is definitely a paying job, but I found it to be more of a learning and leadership experience. STARs are responsible for a huge amount of information about St. Ambrose and what is has to offer. Along with learning this information, we were required to do several days of training before the orientations. During orientation, there are several jobs a STAR may be doing. All of them are a lot of fun and involve plenty of interaction with the incoming first years and their parents. We are involved with orientation over the summer and participate in Welcome Week as well."
–Former STAR, Summer 2009

What are the benefits of being a STAR?

"Being a part of the STARs team is a great learning and leadership experience.  Even as a senior, I learned more about our campus and meet plenty of people that I now have a better relationship with.  I was also motivated to make the most out of my last semester and get involved in all of the activities that I haven't yet participated in.  Seeing the group work together was a very rewarding experience and a lot of fun.  Even thought all of us ahd been in leadership roles before, this experience broadened my horizons and allowed me to learn how to handle different situations with different individuals.  Being a STAR is great to put on a resume. If you need any more reason to apply, think about this:the university takes care of your housing for the summer weeks [during orientation] and the food served at all the orientations is really good."
–Former STAR, Summer 2009

What is the compensation?

A salary of $700 is paid at the end of Orientation. Additionally, your housing is free during June and on Orientation days your meals are provided for free in Cosgrove. You will also receive a staff T-shirt.