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Advisor Tools

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The advisor tools provides student organization advisors with important information to support the student organization which he or she advises. Here you will learn about advisor roles, advisor responsibilities, and resources to help students' organizations thrive.

Who is eligible to become an advisor to a student club or organization?

Any full-time SAU faculty or staff member can be a club/organization advisor. The advisor must have a general interest in the club/organization purpose and mission and be committed to the club/organization and its members.

What is your role as an advisor?

As a club advisor your primary role is to serve as a key resource person to the students. The advisor works very closely with the president of the organization. The president of the organization is the actual leader of the organization/club and your role is to provide support to the president and its club members by supporting and challenging the students. Challenging the students refers to not always supplying the students with answers to all of their questions. For example, if a student would like to book a particular event or artist for their club and needs to know the cost of purchase, it is the students' job and not the advisor to research such information. Students tend to learn best by doing, and by allowing the student to complete the task, he or she learns more and becomes a better leader. Therefore, the advisor's role (.docx) is to help the students develop into better leaders.

In order for the advisor and the club/organization to determine the extent of the advisor's role within the club/organization, please complete the Student Club/Organization Advisor Agreement Form (.docx).

Why should you become an advisor?

Part of the mission of the St. Ambrose University Student Activities office is to appreciate and understand community through social, cultural, leadership development, and co-curricular opportunities that enrich the lives of students. As an advisor, you too will be able to enrich the lives of students outside of the classroom. Likewise, you will be able to stay up to date with campus events, help continue to build the SAU community, and foster mentoring relationships with students in a setting other than the classroom. This experience will also allow students to get to know faculty and administrators on another level outside the classroom.