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Campus Recreation


Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to have my SAU ID to participate?
All participants must bring a valid SAU ID card to each and every activity. Supervisors, graduate assistants, and officials may request an ID card at any time to verify participation. If any participant does not have a valid SAU ID card he/she must go to the Dean of Students and Residence Life Office to get one (this includes all students and employees). NO ID = NO PLAY!
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Are fitness classes free?
Classes are free to all SAU students and faculty/staff and are held in Lee Lohman Dance Studio. No prior sign-up required.
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Can my family members and friends attend fitness classes?
At this time, participation is limited to currently enrolled, SAU students, faculty members, staff members, and employees of SAU.
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Do I have to attend all fitness sessions?
No. Participants attend at their convenience. There is no penalty for not attending.
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Where can I go to get my cardio workout in?
There are six locations on campus with cardio pods. Click here for locations. Twenty-six pieces of equipment available between the locations at no cost. Limited availability during academic/summer breaks. Tours/walkthroughs and equipment orientation sessions are available upon request by contacting our office.
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Is there a place I can swim?
Campus Recreation has collaborated with the Scott County YMCA's and will provide discounted swim rates. Specifically, at the downtown Davenport YMCA, a student with their school ID can swim for $4 daily.
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How can I sign up for an intramural team?
First you will need to create an IMLeagues account you can do this by visiting the IMLeagues website. Once you have an account the intramurals page will display the current sports, click on the sport you wish to join. Simply choose the league you wish to play in (Men's, Women's, Co-Rec, etc.) You can join a sport in one of three ways: create a team, join a team, or join as a free agent. It is the sole responsibility of the team captain to invite members to the team. Captains can add players by clicking the "Invite Members" link on the page, invited members must accept the invitation to be officially added to the roster. 

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Can I add someone to my roster at a game?
No, all additions must be submitted via IMLeagues. Additions must be submitted no later than 12pm on game day. Please note that once tournament play begins you can no longer add additional players to your roster.
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If I can't fill or find a team, can I still play on a team?
Yes, participants who wish to participate in a team sport but cannot fill or find a team need to sign up as a free agent via IMLeagues. Once a participant completes the online free agent form, names are posted on a page displaying all of the available free agents. Team captains are informed of available free agents and acquire them as needed. There are times in which there are so many free agents for a particular sport within the same division that entire teams are created solely of free agents.Though the department cannot guarantee all free agents play, the department works diligently so that all can participate. 
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How many different divisions can I play in?
No player can participate on more than one team within the same division for the same sport. This includes simultaneously participating in a competitive league and a recreational league. Players may however simultaneously participate on either a men's or women's team while participating on a co-rec team.
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How do I get involved with Outdoor Recreation?
Due to a decline in interest Campus Recreation is no longer planning outdoor recreation programs and activities.
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How can I work for Campus Recreation?
Campus Recreation offers many opportunities for student employment. Positions are available through the university work study program and also part-time employment. Student employees learn valuable skills that will serve them throughout their lifetime. Application packets are available in the Campus Recreation Office. Once submitted, applications are kept on file for one year. A listing of all available positions is posted on the departmental website, and in each packet.
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Where is the Campus Recreation Office?
The office is located on the 1st floor of the Rogalski Center just past the food court. The office is in a shared suite with Student Activities. Call 563/333-6023 for more information.
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