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Group Fitness

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Check back soon for the Fall 2014 Schedule!

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Sunrise Stretch
Start your day off right with a good total body stretch. Allows for relaxation, stretching, and lengthening of those tight muscles. One of the greatest benefits to stretching is an increase in range of motion of all the joints, making activities of daily living easier. Also will help decrease muscle tension, enhance muscular coordination, increased blood circulation and higher energy levels!

This class will incorporate the six principles of Pilates: concentration, control, physical centering, flowing movement, precision and breathing. Some of the benefits include improvements in overall strength, flexibility, stability, and mobility. Besides that, you will feel good when you are done with the workout, so join us!

Trim and Tone
Obtain the consistencies of doing that full-body workout by attending this class. Utilizing toning and strengthening exercises, and through the course of the semester, participants will work on increasing the number of repetitions of each exercise for firmer and more well defined muscles!

Ditch the workout, join the party! Zumba is a great fitness class for all levels that incorporates salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, and hip-hop. No experience is neccessary!

Total Body Strengthening
This class is geared toward strengthening the body using body weight, free weights, and resistance training to enhance power, agility, and strength.

Morning Core
Enhance your mornings with exercise! This class will help you transform your core by targeting the abdominals, lower back, glutes, and thighs.

Core Express
This 30-minute class will provide you with exercises to help strengthen your core and define your abs. *The class takes place in a carpeted room but please bring your own mat or towel for extra padding.*

Step and Strength
You'll get a great workout that combines step routines with strength training. You will learn the correct moves and proper form to get the most out of the class! Great for all fitness levels.

Class Locations

Classes are located in the Rogalski 3rd floor ballroom and Hayes 114N.