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Work Study FAQ

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How do students know if they are eligible for work-study?
Work study will appear on the Financial Aid award letter. Students can also check with the Financial Aid Department (563-333-6314) or access their financial aid information online.

Should freshmen or new students work their first year in college?
YES. By working on campus, students will be interacting with other students, staff and faculty. Students will be learning to manage their time as well as other responsibilities. We have found that students who work on campus generally remain in school and perform better academically.

How many hours per week do students typically work?
Work-study students will work an average of 8 hours per week.

What is the wage rate for student employees? 
The majority of students eligible for work-study are awarded $1850.00 per academic year--$7.25 per hour. Students are paid monthly through direct deposit (must have a bank account and sign up for direct deposit). The highest-paying job on campus is Sodexo (food service) at $8.00/hr.

Are work-study positions guaranteed to all incoming students if they have been awarded work-study?
No. Most offices will have returning students who are always given preference before the new work-study students are hired.

If students do not have the times available to work, or they don't have the skills necessary for the position, they will not be hired as quickly as other students. This does not mean that the student will never get a job. Athletes will have a hard time getting jobs other than athletic positions because of their practice schedules and games. They may be on a waiting list or not working their first semester in school. 

All students who do not have a work study position their first semester should visit the BeeCAREERS website during the fall semester for open jobs, and apply to those positions.

How do students new to St. Ambrose University apply for a work study job?
A training session will be set up for all students who are eligible for work study during new student orientation. Students will fill out an application, save it to the computer provided, and upload it to their documents in BeeCAREERS. On July 1st, students will be able to use this application to apply for any jobs in which they meet the qualifications and have the available hours to work. Work study supervisors will contact students via SAU email. Students will be instructed to check and read their SAU email frequently after July 1st.  

What do students do if they want a job and did not receive employment?
Students should continue to visit the BeeCAREERS website at least once a week or more to investigate open positions.

Are there jobs on campus where students can do their homework?
There are some campus jobs which require students to answer phones or assist other students when needed. These are the jobs in which students may have time to study. However, many of these positions are being phased out. The initial purpose of having a work-study program was to teach students the responsibilities expected from them in a work environment.

Whats Next

For more information contact Mary Ohland, work study coordinator, at 563/333-6341 or