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An Internship is a short-term work experience in which you receive training and gain experience in a field or career area relative to your major. They allow you the opportunity to explore careers and apply what you are learning in the classroom.

Internships may be full- or part-time depending on the time of year they are completed. They may last from 90 days to a semester or longer. Internships are available in a variety of fields including healthcare, education, business, arts, and science disciplines. They may occur in the private sector, government, or in not-for-profit organizations.

By completing an internship students:

  • May be eligible to earn academic credit.
  • May/may not receive pay for the experience.
  • Are able to explore career options.
  • Develop professional networking contacts that can increase their chances of landing a full-time position after graduation.
  • Build professional experience into their resume.

The Process:

  1. Students set up a profile on BeeCAREERS, our online career management system. You can use the Student User Quick Guide (PDF) to get started setting up your BeeCAREERS profile and help you search for internships.
  2. Complete a resume using the Resume Tutorial, attend a resume drive-thru or make an appointment with a Career Center professional to have your resume critiqued prior to uploading your resume to BeeCAREERS.
  3. To find an internship look at the internships or part-time positions in BeeCAREERS, utilize your networking or faculty contacts to assist you, view these suggested websites or speak to the internship & recruitment coordinator for additional guidance.
  4. Prepare for interviews by participating in a mock interview to practice interviewing skills. Call to schedule a mock interview with a professional or check out the calendar of events to find out when employers will be on-campus conducting mock interviews or interviewing for internship positions.
  5. After locating an internship, report your internship in BeeCAREERS
  6. Contact the Career Center at 333-6339 to schedule an appointment with the Internship Coordinator and complete internship documentation paperwork (needs to be done at the start of the internship) with the assistance of the internship coordinator, your academic supervisor and the intern site supervisor.
    1. Turn in all required paperwork and assignments to your site supervisor, academic advisor and the University Internship Coordinator Angela Wolfe.