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Join LinkedIn and take advantage of a multitude of professional connections.

LinkedIn is a social networking site consisting of professionals who want to connect with each other and share career information. It's a great resource for students and alumni looking for an additional edge in their job search.

Step 1:  Create your LinkedIn Profile using this checklist to guide you through the process. It would be helpful to have an updated and critiqued resume in front of you. Use the LinkedIn Profile Summary Tool (pdf) to help you create a great summary.

Step 2:  Make sure your LinkedIn and other social media accounts portray a professional image by following these guidelines.

Step 3:  Make Connections with others. If you can build a decent-sized network on LinkedIn, all of its other features will work much better. Think QUALITY over QUANTITY when making connections.

Step 4:  Join Relevant Groups as a way to expand your network even further and gather information about industries, locations, and career-related/networking events.

Step 5:  Connect with alumni of St. Ambrose (make sure you personalize your connection request).