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Frequently Asked Questions

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When are housing assignments mailed out?
Housing assignments are emailed in mid to late July. We do this to give students an opportunity to select roommates during the June orientations.
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Can I live with my friend?
Feel free to request a roommate! The request must be mutual, so we need a request from both parties. We also need to know which is most important: your roommate request or your building selection. We honor the contract date of the later of the two contracts received to determine building placement. Submit the request in writing, mail, fax, or email (or fill out a form in our office during orientation) at
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What if I don't like my roommate?
If you have troubles with a roommate share your concerns with the RA of your floor. The RA will work with the hall director to find a solution in everyone's best interest.
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What if I did not get my first choice of housing?
We keep a list for students that are not placed in their first choice of housing. As openings occur we contact students based on the date the contract was received to discuss the possibility of moving.
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How do I change my housing?
Request a change in writing (email is fine) and we will try to accommodate you based on availability and the housing process (contract received date is first priority).
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Can I get a single room?
Based on availability.
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Do the rooms have carpet?
All rooms except Hayes Hall (3rd floor) are carpeted.
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Can I have a land line phone?
Phone jacks and local phone service is available for students who wish to utilize the service with a $25/per year set-up fee. Students must provide their own phones. Students may request a long distance calling code from the Student Accounts Services office. Any student using a code supplied by St. Ambrose is responsible for prompt payment of all long-distance charges. Unauthorized use of the telephone and the long distance calling code will result in a $50 fine plus the cost of the telephone calls. Repeat offenders will lose their telephone privileges.
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I have allergies so is Davis right for me?
Yes, you can live in Davis if you have allergies. You need to submit a note from your physician outlining any medical conditions that require special accommodations, such as A/C. The air conditioner cannot be more than 115 volts, or between 5,000-6,000 BTU's & less than 6 amps. The air conditioner will be installed by SAU's Physical Plant Department for safety reasons. As a student, you must supply a physician's note for APPROVAL by our staff as well as the A/C unit. Physician's documentation should be submitted to the Residence Life Office (attention Brittany) prior to move in.
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What happens if I get in trouble?
Students are documented in an incident report for an alleged violation of campus policy. This incident report is sent to your hall director and then he or she will contact you to set up a meeting so you can discuss the situation. An appropriate response is decided based on your input and in consultation with the student handbook. Our goal is to have an educational response to policy violations.
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What is a hall director (HD)?
The supervisor of a residence hall, the hall director is a full-time professional staff member and a great resource for parents and students. The HD not only supervises RAs, but also focuses on hall safety and improving the overall experience of residents.
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What is an RA?
An RA or resident assistant is a student staff member living in the residence hall. They work to create a welcoming and positive community. RAs are a trained to assist with academic, personal, and behavioral problems. They help residents develop holistically and act as a resource to answer questions and offer sound advice. The RAs also enforce campus policy (e.g. quiet hours, visitation, alcohol, etc).
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Is there storage in the halls for my bike?
Unfortunately, the residence halls do not have space for bike storage.
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How early can I move in?
Some students are required to move in early based on team or campus work obligations. Early move ins are kept at a minimum as Residence Life staff use the time before halls open for training. If you are not required to move in early, you are welcome to move in on August 21st. Specific check in times will be included in your assignment letter sent in July. Those required to move in early will be notified with specific information by their coach or supervisor.
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What can I expect move-in day?
Welcome Week starts on Sunday, August 18th when the residence halls open at 9:00 a.m. Check in at your assigned residence hall where you will be greeted by staff and find move in assistance. You will receive your room keys and meet your RA and HD.
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What is a good gift for a student living in a residence hall?
A full length mirror, quarters for laundry, a gift certificate to Hy-Vee (local grocery store), Target, Wal-Mart, or a local restaurant. Also consider decorations or posters. The SAU bookstore also has great Ambrose gear, from bumper stickers to sweatshirts that any Fighting Bee would need to show their school spirit!
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How do I change my meal plan?
Meal plans may be changed in writing up until the second week of classes. Stop into the Residence Life Office in the Rogalski Center to pick up a form.
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Can I come look at a room in a particular building this summer?
We have staff available Monday through Friday from 8-4:30 p.m. who can assist you with viewing a room in Davis, Bechtel, Rohlman, or Cosgrove. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.
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What happens if I cancel my housing contract?
Returning students or those graduating or leaving SAU must cancel their housing for the following fall by April 15 to receive their housing deposit back. Students are refunded $225 of the original $250 deposit; $25 is kept for processing fees. Students who have turned in a new housing contract for the upcoming fall have until May 15 to cancel. Cancellations after this time will still be accepted, but the deposit refund will be forfeited.
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Whats Next

For other questions, please contact the Residence Life Office at 563/333-6258.